I’ve been told that I am intensely susceptible to the beauty of the world. A role play escort and talented erotic writer, I am driven by an excess of sensual energy. I understand the act of giving myself to someone’s temporary microcosms for pleasure to be part of life’s elite experiences.

You are here for a reason… maybe this was a libidinal turmoil that craves to smell, to feel, to touch sensuality. Perhaps a drive for aliveness, one that seeks a space released from the façades that cover us within our daily lives.

Perhaps the feelings of Naomi Segal resonate with you: ‘desire is what we do not control; goodwill and desire are, peculiarly and sadly, twins that sit incompatibly in the domestic nest.’ And so you seek a retreat to free yourself from responsibilities and ties…

Possibly you have been asking yourself questions such as ‘Why do I feel unsettled by those unspoken desires of mine?’ Or, ‘What if I allowed them to flow?’ And it crossed your mind, very wisely, that spending time with an unconventional libertine companion could allow you to face your fear of that imaginary Pandora’s Box of yours.

You might find out that, rather than with evils, it is filled with a deep yearning for adventure, for passion, for play…

Would you, then, like to toy around your playful tease – someone that would take your strict desires very seriously? Would you like to be firmly embraced by kinky-expert hands?

If that’s you… then we might get on.

“I felt like an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they?” — Jess C. Scott, Wicked Lovely