An elite escort, I am the sweet, hairy and naturally pure English Rose GFE, submissive & goddess you have been looking for!

Hello future lovers.

I believe everyone deserves intimacy, pleasure and passion in their lives. I embrace my sexuality earnestly; I am a very open-minded, kink-friendly, respectful and genuine person. I like to form real and lasting connections where we can explore and play together with our bodies and our minds.

I take pride in providing a safe space where we can abandon the pressures of the outside world, disrobe all pretenses, and unmask our desires.

My natural beauty is my biggest asset; I hardly ever wear make-up and I leave my body hair authentic and untouched. My short wavy blond/brown  hair frames my delicate yet strong face, highlighting my glistening virescent eyes and kissable vermilion lips. My extremely soft ivory skin is ideal for endless caresses or spanks. With delicate curves, an ample rear and my large natural breasts, I am the luxury you deserve.

A professional submissive in London, I am sensually obedient and pride myself on providing a high-class escapade for ideal alphas. Submission isn’t just physical but also, more importantly, psychological; a simple command can send shivers running down my spine, whilst a terrified yet excited smile escapes my stoic face. A hedonist through and through, my greatest pleasure is playing a game and watching you win.

However, let there be no doubt that there is also a wild sensually dominant streak deep inside me aching to be released. Submit yourself to me and worship my divine body. I offer bush, armpit, vagina, and female worship sessions, face-sitting and smothering, pegging, prostate massage, watersports, and impact play. Surrender yourself to a warm yet firm hairy goddess.

Based in London, I am available for getaways to far flung places. I am half British, half French so my taste for travel is as innate as my love of languages. I speak English and French fluently and I am currently teaching myself Spanish and Arabic (Leventine dialect). When travelling, you can find me at the local watering hole, my analogue camera in one hand capturing everything that glistens, whilst taking the time to talk to the locals to fully immerse myself in culture. Let me immerse myself in you.