Allow me to lure you into my world, I want to share in the pleasure of my varied kinks with you and learn all about yours. I will seduce you, and make you my personal plaything.

I am a unique, creative individual with a striking look, short hair, a slim body covered in beautiful tattoos, well dressed, intelligent, intuitive.

I love curating experiences, luring people into my world, exploring minds and bodies, and facilitating exploration and escapism through play.

My overall session style is tactile, playful, seductive and devious. My scenes can vary from rough and filthy role plays to sensual, intimate rituals. I adore absurd, bizarre fantasies, and the vast scope of alternative approaches to finding release that can be discovered when you embark on a journey of experimentation. I aim to create a space for you to embrace your desires under my direction allowing you to express and discover aspects of yourself in an encouraging judgement free space.

Although I am Dominant and most often prefer the active, leading role during my encounters I also love to play without a strict dynamic, indulging in kinks and fetish play blended with erotic, sexual lust driven interactions.