Nausi Love is not only the tallest escort in the whole world she is probably also the one with the biggest smile. She has her own unique philosophy of sex filled with curiosity, adventurousness and the desire to get to know new people. Discovering new sides of her self and her clients through sharing moments of true intimacy and persuing nasty kinks.

Nausi Love is a curious mind. She is always open for trying new things and meeting new people. She says: “”There is so much to discover, experiment and to try. So many thoughts to think and feelings to feel””.

Nausi is someone you can talk to about anything, proposing kinks and fetishes you have been scared of suggesting to others. She never judges and if she gets surprised she will most likely answer positively.

Nausi Love is a perfect match for both goddess worship and girl friend experiences, as well as soft domination, erotic wrestling and other more messy kinds of kinky experiments. She is well experienced with couples and with being a travel companion for longer periods.

The most important thing according to Nausi in any kind of encounter is curiosity. In girl friend experiences, she says, the curiosity is anchored in an interest and desire to get to know the other person, in being close and intimate together –feeling each other’s bodies’ warmth. In more kinky experiences, she says, the curiosity is anchored in a desire to explore new sides of one’s own lust. It’s about imagining and re-imagining what sex could be and what it could do. Finding moments of lust and desire when it feels like one is going to explode.

Nausi started to work as an escort because she wanted to try everything at least once in her life. At first she was a bit surprised she enjoyed it as much as she did. Later she simple decide to go with what she likes and to continue with it.

She says: “The encounters I have with my clients are meaningful also to me. I get to explore so many new aspects of myself and my sexuality. I meet interesting, intelligent and curious people that help me grow as a person. It is by far better than any dating app. Being an escort feels sometimes like a life hack”.

Nausi tours globally; from Israel to Japan, United States to Scandinavia. Once a month she comes to London visiting clients, going to art galleries and museums. Her favorite being the Rock collection at the Natural History Museum.

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