A professional seductress and a woman of (no) decorum, armed with a wayward desire for the highest class of smut. Cheekbones that could cut glass and wit to match, Sadie’s the discerning lover’s luxurious dirty secret.

Educated in the home counties, I’ve always had an affinity with the city, it being but an inconvenient train-ride or two away. London was the place where all the fun was had with all the people I fancied. Peppered with dark corners for doing dark deeds, the lure of the metropolis finally had its way with me. It is now the place that you will find me living out the only doctrine I abide by- to live a life less ordinary.

And less ordinary is what has brought me here. Whilst I’m a lover of the intimacy found in the Girlfriend Experience, allowing my kinky side off (or on) the leash is always encouraged. Whether you want me to heed your every word, or you mine, kink is a playground I love to swing in.

Starting with submission. These big ol’ blues have got me into a fair bit of trouble but impressively, have managed to get me out of even more. As a submissive escort I’ll gladly flutter my lashes and beg for your mercy, revelling in the possibility that I’ll get exactly what’s coming to me. The thrill of handing over total control, lip bitten, hands tied is something I am shamefully hungry for.

Lucky for you, I’m a switch. Could you be my coy lover? As agreeable as I can be as a submissive, my dominant streak has urges that I have no want to control but direct, at you. I’m a sensual mistress, a purveyor of pleasure, but I can be a mean bitch, strict to a fault. In another life I was a teacher, and I showed as little mercy there, as I do now. I want to get you to a place where you reveal yourself to me, delving into the fibres of your desire. It’s cerebral, intimate and always administered with a smirk.

So, shall we find some dark corners to live out these less than ordinary desires?