You will be tested until you almost give up... There are lots of pararells of tantra and domination. For example the dynamic of polarity of masculine versus feminine. In tantra the feminine is the one directed inwards of her feelings and herself, as is the experience of the sub in domination. In Tantric Domination we become fully aware of the choice of our position of power. We then take that transformative experience from the session into our daily life. It's one of the most safe and contained yet super fun environment to play out.


I am Sienna Truetantric.

I practice Tantric Domination (or Tantric Kink) in a form of tie &tease massage, sensual touch, energy play, wordplay, etc.

As much as I like being dominant …I am totally opposite of nature 🙂

My pleasure is in polarising according to my guest needs and holding space for to anything that arises from it.

During the sacred sexuality session I would sometimes like to offer you an opportunity to challenge yourself by playing out the roles that you feeling not quite comfortable with in terms of power. These could be the most englightening, self explorative and enriching moments.

For example…tell me of the most vulnerable request you could possibly make, then practice hearing no! How does it make you feel?

I would be delighted to have you surrendered in my hands.