I am Sofia. I speak intimacy fluently and in all dialects and have a mind as sharp as it is flexible. I believe the finer things in life, the real luxuries, are time and attention. Sacred space for vulnerability. And daring, deep intimacy. A universe to float freely, weightlessly, uninhibited. Endless expansion of body and soul in a pastel-coloured cocoon of trust. Like an exhale at last.

When you first meet me you will probably be charmed by my bright smile and that very magnetic something pouring out of my every pore. Some have called it aura. Others said there is a certain glow about me, radiating joy and life. Sounds fancy enough, and while I won’t argue with them, I believe it is simply that I have always been pretty good at enjoying life and living authentically and sensually, holding hands with pleasure and joy.

While I absolutely love caressing my nervous system with pleasurable superficialities like fashion, fast cars and pop culture, I don’t do superficial when it comes to connection. I don’t do small talk and simply wouldn’t know how to if my life depended on it. I tend to dive deep. And when approaching an abyss I don’t stop and stare but dive in headfirst. My mind is as sharp as it is flexible and I love being challenged! It stimulates my body and soul when somebody knows something I don’t, is maybe sharper than I am and calls out my bluffs. A comforting heavy blanket of strength.

I find beauty in darkness and darkness beautiful. Life is never not exciting!

I am exceptionally physical and know how to use my body just as much as my brain. One inspires the other and it is only when both are challenged that I come truly alive.

I am very comfortable in my own skin and the expression of my sexuality has always been natural and necessary for me. It is fluid and rather boundless, inspired by healthy curiosity and zero shame. And just like any form of communication, the language is greatly shaped by who I am talking to. My natural disposition ranges from romantic, sensual, tantric and ethereal to rough and dark – the mind being my favourite toy.

I deeply believe sex holds some of our greatest truths.

If we dare to be fearlessly intimate and boldly authentic, if we are curious to connect and are willing to be seen, limitless joy awaits.