Hi, I'm Victoria Rose. Your deliciously responsive, love to tease and highly kinky companion.

I am a creative from the beautiful South Coast of the UK, who has spent nearly a decade immersing myself in the vibrant atmosphere of London. In addition to being an independent companion, I also express my artistry as a burlesque/fetish performer and stripper. Most of my spare time I am designing new costumes or sewing as I am also a seamstress with a obsession with costume, burlesque and fashion history.
For nearly a decade, I’ve immersed myself in the vibrancy of London’s atmosphere, weaving my passions into a colourful mix of experiences. As an independent companion, I offer more than just companionship; I embody artistry as a burlesque/fetish performer and stripper. My canvas is diverse, from designing intricate costumes to sewing, fuelled by an obsession with the rich history of costume, burlesque, and fashion.
From a young age, the allure of the kinky lifestyle beckoned to me, and upon relocating to London, I eagerly embraced its enchanting embrace. In the pulsating heart of fetish parties and events, I encountered extraordinary individuals who showed me the path through the captivating tapestry of the kink scene. They guided me, helping me uncover my own fetishes and unexplored boundaries.
My journey into this exhilarating realm began as a submissive, but over time, I embraced my dominant nature. With a profound passion for being worshipped, I relish guiding both experienced individuals and newcomers in their exploration of desires. My style leans towards the sensual, deriving immense pleasure from complete control over our bodies, pleasure, and minds.
Yet, amidst the power dynamics, I find joy in surrendering to the right individuals, revelling in the fluidity and excitement of switching roles and becoming submissive.
​Beyond my captivating pursuits, I am a connoisseur of human connection, revelling in captivating conversations while exploring the city’s culinary delights and indulging in cocktails. Many have attested to my ability to put them at ease with my vivacious, sensual, and humorous personality, not to mention my curvaceous and enticing derrière.
​Here are a few more things I adore:
Burlesque/cabaret shows
Art, fashion, and costume exhibitions
Speakeasy cocktail bars
Cosy cafes
Shopping at independent or local stores
Travelling abroad and around the UK
Wine bars
Kink and fetish parties
Fine dining and cosy local eateries
Exploring bookstores
Exploring new cities and countries

Join me in exploring the beauty of life, where every moment is an opportunity for connection, creativity, and boundless exploration.

Speak soon,
Victoria Rose