Spanking Escorts

What does a Spanking Escort do?

Spanking escorts are full service companions – meaning that they provide sexual services – who specialise in spanking sessions.  Spanking escorts are very often submissive, but this is far from a hard and fast rule! Spanking can create wonderful erotic sensations whether or not there are elements of power play. Spanking escorts may also be dominant/tops, i.e. they enjoy dishing out the spanking rather than receiving!  Spanking escorts may also enjoy other activities that often go hand in hand with spanking, such as roleplay, bondage and other sub/dom games.

What to expect in a session with a spanking escort

In general, your spanking escort will want to discuss her likes and limits with you pre-session.  All spanking escorts are different and will have different pain tolerances, for example.  Whilst there are no hard and fast rules to sessions with spanking escorts, you may expect to explore any of the following:

  • Bare handed spanking
  • Spanking with implements such as hairbrush, paddle, strap, tawse, birch, belt, cane, riding crop, whip, flogger
  • Role play such as teacher/student, boss/employee, daddy/stepdaughter, training scenes, punishment scenes
  • Dressing up/uniforms
  • Bondage and restraint with cuffs, silk scarves, ropes, chains, shackles
  • Dungeon furniture – spanking bench, st Andrews cross, etc

Why spanking is sexy

Many people struggle with the idea of inflicting pain as a pathway to pleasure. Spanking can be sadistic, but it doesn’t have to be!  Spanking causes increased blood flow to a very erogenous zone, so you don’t have to inflict or receive pain in order to enjoy a scene with a spanking escort.  Some people simply find the power exchange of spanking to be the most erotic thing, and who could blame them? Imagine having a beautiful woman over your knee, knickers pulled down, vulnerable and begging for release… however experienced you are in the world of BDSM, that’s quite hard to beat (pun absolutely intended).

How to find a spanking escort

You would be hard pushed to find a group of spanking escorts as experienced, knowledgeable and downright gorgeous as the ones you’ll find here.  Take some time to peruse our London escort profiles (filtering by kink in order to find spanking escorts specifically) and when you’ve found a spanking escort in London that you feel you’d get along well with, reach out to her via her own website/contact details shown on her profile – each provider listed here is independent so bookings must be made privately with them.  We can’t wait to get acquainted.

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