Spankee Escorts: A Guide

Interested in spanking in London?

Keen to experience a peachy bottom over your lap? Who can blame you? Here’s our handy guide of what to expect with a professional spankee, and how to get the most from your time together.


What does a Spankee do?

UK Spankees usually offer a range of services; many are professional submissives, and some are switch escorts, meaning they can provide both submissive and dominant services. A spankee might provide very sensual experiences, or a more hardcore submissive session depending on what you’re looking for. Meeting with UK spankees can allow you to let go and explore parts of your sexuality that you may have never explored before – or that you find it hard to explore in your personal life. A good spankee escort will ascertain what kind of experience you are looking for before meeting, and then clarify that with you at the start of the session.

What might you experience with a Spankee?

Each spankee escort  will have their own specialities, and it is important to check with them directly if there is a specific experience you’re looking for – don’t assume all UK spankees offer the same services. Some of the things you might wish to experience from a UK spankee escort are as follows:

-Impact play (bare handed spanking, whipping, flogging, tawse, caning, bastinado, riding crops, single tail whips, play with clothes pegs, misery stick)

-Role Play from mild to taboo (boss/employee, DD/Lg, schoolgirl fetish, consensual non-consent, kidnapping, training/punishment scenes)

Bondage (enhance your impact play by restraining your lover with silk scarves, cuffs, rope, shibari, chains, shackles)

-Double/group scenes, in which multiple partners explore spanking and impact together. Perhaps there’s trouble in the typing pool that the boss needs to take in hand directly..

How to choose a Spankee escort

Choosing an escort for spanking in London must start with you working out what you want to experience from your session.  No matter how experienced your spankee is, she isn’t a mind reader and she will need to know what it is you’re looking for.  So consider this our encouragement to do some thorough online research into exactly what turns you on!  It’s okay to be open minded and curious (in fact this is encouraged!) but it isn’t advisable to approach a spankee escort with no more information than that you want to play a dominant role. As I’m sure is clear now, that could mean a lot of different things!  It’s best to approach your partner with some idea of what you’d like to do during the session and with a general idea of what turns you on when you think about meeting spankees in London.  Then, you can use the search through all our London escorts to find a UK spankee who offers the services you’re looking for.

How to prepare for seeing a Spankee escort

Everyone’s different, thats what’s so brilliant about seeing London independent escorts. Make sure to check the booking etiquette of the provider you’ve chosen to be sure you’re approaching her in the way she has requested. All that’s generally required is to show up on time, with the correct fee, and ready to be open and honest about what you’re looking for in your session with your spankee escort. An experienced spankee or pro-submissive will likely have shower facilities if you are visiting her, so you can be sparkling clean as you indulge your dirtiest thoughts.  Be prepared to discuss safewords with your spankee, communicate any limits you may have, as well as taking time to understand and respect her limits – we all have some!  Other than that, just be polite, respectful and ready to have fun!

Why it’s sexy?

Seeing a spankee escort can be a very freeing experience; it allows you to play a new, dominant role, and explore your needs with a woman who can fulfill your desires, as well exploring new sensations, dynamics and scenarios. You may also want to switch, and be dominated by your spankee (which we highly recommend). Spanking and submission generally is often seen as a taboo, which can be very exciting in a sexual context! All of the submissive and spankee escorts listed on Kinky London Escorts  can provide sexual services alongside spanking, but there are some UK spankees who do not provide explicitly sexual services, so it’s always best to check with each individual spankee before booking to make sure they are comfortable with what you’re envisaging.

And most importantly: have a thoroughly good time

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