Wax play is one of my favourite kinks. Whether drizzled over my lower back or flecked across my skin in delicious bursts, the sting as the wax hits my skin is guaranteed to make me squirm with pleasure. It’s always a joy to find someone willing to indulge my penchant for extreme temperatures. I’m equally exhilarated by the prospect of administering pain. Seeing a companion twitch and cry out as the wax hits their skin is a huge turn on for me too. Read on for some of my favourite ways to indulge this ultra-hot kink:


Although I’m a pain-junkie, I do have a softer side. Wax play hugely increases sensitivity to touch. The skin underneath the wax becomes incredibly sensitive, creating the perfect conditions for tongue-licking, feather-brushing or even just a gorgeously sensual oil massage. A companion recently reduced me to a trembling, ecstatic wreck with some wax play followed by intense tickle torture. My sensitivity was through the roof and I came hard over and over again.

Temperature Play

Obviously, things are going to get a little heated during wax play. Although I’m a sucker for the delicious burning sensation, I also love how sensitive hot wax makes the body to extreme cold too. My companions and I also love to experiment with ice cubes once the wax comes off, enjoying the switch from intense heat to cold. Recently, a lover took me to new heights of ecstasy by dripping of piping hot wax on my stomach and inner thighs then running an ice cube over my skin before it had even dried. By the end, I was screaming for more.


While hog-tied, I love to engage in some light wax-play before a hard spanking. When I was just starting out as a kinkster, a master of mine handcuffed me to a four-poster bed and proceeded to uncurl hot wax on my stomach, breasts and inner thighs. The combination of pain and powerlessness drove me wild and I still fantasize about that experience to this day. If I’m the one dishing out the punishments, I adore the sight of a companion try to escape their shackles as I drip the wax all over their skin and laugh at their moans.

Sensory Deprivation

As wax play will sky-rocket your sensitivity to touch, sensory-deprivation can be a huge turn-on too. Blindfolds are a great way to achieve this. As a switch, I am equally happy being kept in the dark as I am holding the candle. For me, not knowing where or when the next drop will hit creates a specific type of tension that’s guaranteed to make me come hard every time.


As it is safest to drip wax from a height, trampling works great in combination with wax play. I love nothing more than donning my highest heels, walking all over my slave’s back, administering dashes of liquid hot wax down their spine and punishing them if they try to wriggle away. If I toss off my heels and go barefoot, the different types of pain involved – sharp burns and dull throbs – provides a tantalizing combination for us both.