The perks of being part of KLE: Chloe Vega shares her experiences as part of a collective of London Independent Escorts

I’ve always been a very independent and adventurous person; having divided my younger years between the UK and Australia, I am no stranger to travel and I love to seek new experiences. Once I’d had my first taste of professional companionship, independent work was clearly the natural path for me. Working for myself allows me to manage my own time and work in numerous different places, as well as giving me ample opportunity to fulfil my commitments as a part-time student in Scotland. I’m rather selective about who I spend time with and only choose to meet with those I feel I can connect with on a genuine level – independent work allows me to prioritise these connections and cultivate my relationships, which naturally enhances the calibre of our time together. I’ve always had a very particular vision for my brand and presentation, so I also enjoy the creative control I have over my content.

Of course, solo work can at times be isolating, and travel can be tiring; being part of a collective of other savvy London independent escorts is the perfect antidote to this. In terms of kink, my tastes have always been diverse; membership to a collective gives me a chance to share and develop new skills with my peers, as well as affording me plenty of opportunities for duo sessions with other providers – long journeys are always worth it when I know there are two lovers waiting for me at the other end!

The clients that I have had the pleasure to meet through other providers in the collective have always been special to me, and I love the opportunity to work with my fellow London independent escorts. One of my kinky specialities is role play, in both a dominant and submissive capacity, and I have benefited enormously from sharing these skills in session with my peers. Honing my kink skills and immersing myself in role play is very much a passion of mine, so I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many other talented, kinky providers!

As an independent worker, I greatly value resources that are made by and for sex workers – in recent years, advertising as a provider has become more challenging in certain ways. I love twitter, but besides that the landscape is dominated by platforms who seek to profit from sex workers, sadly very few possess a thorough understanding of how the sex industry functions. By joining a collective like KLE, I know that we are experts in our own field and are genuinely invested in one another’s safety and success. I feel comfortable advertising through peer-run collectives as there is a level of trust and understanding that comes from working in an industry that is often shrouded in secrecy. Misinformation about the sex industry abounds, but I feel safe in the hands of other independent London escorts who have a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience.