Foot Fetish Escorts: A Guide

Foot Fetish Escorts: the indispensable guide

welcome back to another erotic guide from the Kinky London Escorts team, helping you take your first steps into the world of foot fetishism and foot fetish escorts. Care to find out more


What is a foot fetish?

A foot fetish (otherwise known as podophilia) is, unsurprisingly, defined as a sexual preoccupation with feet.  Despite many foot fetishists feeling as if their desires are strange or weird, foot fetish is among one of the most common kinks – even popular in the most vanilla of bedrooms!  Foot fetish escorts are often dominant or switchy in nature, but not always. One does not have to indulge in power exchange to enjoy a session with a foot fetish escort!  However, foot fetish does lend itself delightfully well to femdom sessions, from the most gentle and sensual up to the extreme. Fans of foot fetish escorts are as varied as they come, some enjoying a freshly pedicured foot, and others craving the scent of gym shoes after a heavy training session – and you will find that all aspects of foot fetish are catered for here.  As with any fetish the rule is simple, if you’re into it, someone else will be too!

What might happen in a session with a foot fetish escort?

So, you’ve arrange a date with one of our members, and you’ve got the whole world at her gorgeous feet – what next? Foot fetishism can take many forms, but to give you a sense of the sort of activities you might wish to explore, foot fetish experiences could include:

Foot worship, including kissing and licking your date’s perfect arches

Hight heel and stocking worship

Foot jobs (when your date masturbates your cock with her feet)

Trampling, for those that enjoy being under a lover’s feet

Ball busting

Foot massage

Foot tickling and teasing

Giving a lady’s beautiful feet a pedicure, including painting her toe nails your favourite colour

How to find the right escort to indulge your foot fetish kinks with

Well, the hard part’s over, as you’ve landed on the digital parlour room of some of London’s finest independent BDSM companions and fetish escorts, many of whom will be delighted to explore foot fetish play with you. The next step (and an enjoyable one at that), is to navigate over to our profiles and then filter by kink, to ensure you find a provider whose interests match yours.  Regardless of whether you’re experienced or brand new to meting companions, you are sure to find a foot fetish escort to create a sexy, playful environment to explore your desires with.  Although just as a reminder:  we are a collective, not an agency, so when you’re ready to make. date with a London foot fetish escort, it’s best to get in touch with them directly through their own websites.

Why it’s sexy to spend some time with foot fetish escorts in London

Whilst some people haven’t given much thought to the foot as an erogenous zone, for foot fetishist, there are few things more sexual than the sight of a pretty foot. Sometimes this is related to a pure appreciation for the look of this particular body part: the curve of a high arch, the softness of a bare sole, the sight of an elegant red pedicure. For others, feet (especially those in high stilettos or beautiful stockings) represent a form of feminine power and control that they wish to submit to or serve. Think of it as a literal embodiment of the expression  “falling at her feet”! What’s more, as any reflexologist will tell you, feet are incredibly sensitive and receptive to touch. A great way into exploring this kink is to suggest your date slips out of her Louboutins for a relaxing foot massage, and watching as she turns to putty in your hands! And if that sounds enticing, we recommend getting in touch with one of KLE’s gorgeous foot fetish escorts ASAP.

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