Foot Fetish Escorts

What is a foot fetish?

A foot fetish is, unsurprisingly, defined as a sexual preoccupation with feet.  Despite many foot fetishists feeling as if their desires are strange or weird, foot fetish is among one of the most common kinks – even popular in the most vanilla of bedrooms!  Foot fetish escorts are often dominant or switchy in nature, but not always. One does not have to indulge in power exchange to enjoy a session with a foot fetish escort!  However, foot fetish does lend itself delightfully well to femdom sessions, from the most gentle and sensual up to the extreme.  Fans of foot fetish escorts are as varied as they come, some enjoying a freshly pedicured foot, and others craving the scent of gym shoes after a heavy training session – and you will find that all aspects of foot fetish are catered for here.  As with any fetish the rule is simple, if you’re into it, someone else will be too!

What might happen in a session with a domination escort?

The sky really is the limit here.  Domination can take many forms, from mild power play to hardcore, extreme sadomasochism.  To give you an idea though, sessions with London Domination Escorts could include:

  • Bondage (rope, cuffs, silk scarves, chains, shackles, predicament bondage, sadistic bondage)
  • Impact play (spanking with bare hand, paddle, flogger, whip, cane, slipper, ruler, tawse, strap, crop, hairbrush, birch, punch play)
  • Power games (Humiliation, degradation, chastisement, control, objectification)
  • Pet play (puppy, kitten, pony)
  • Trampling with bare feet or stiletto heels
  • Pegging/strap on
  • Foot worship/boot worship
  • Body worship/ass worship/intimate worship
  • Facesitting/smothering
  • Breathplay
  • CBT (cock and ball torture), ballbusting
  • Dungeon sessions (St Andrews cross, cages, queening stool, bondage equipment and other fetish furniture)
  • Domestic service
  • Slave training/obedience training
  • Roleplay (Teacher/student, boss/employee, Stepmother/son, kidnap/hostage, consensual non-consent, forced bi, cuckold/hotwife)
  • Fetish play (latex, stockings, rubber)
  • Sissification/gender play
  • CFNM
  • Group domination/vanilla audience
  • Financial domination
  • Exhibitionism/public domination/swingers clubs/BDSM parties
  • Psychological domination/mindfuck


How to find the right domination escort

Since you’re here, you’re in luck – we are a collective of London’s most elite, experienced, independent BDSM practitioners, so your first port of call should be to head over to our profiles and see who takes your fancy. If certain activities are important to you, you can filter your search via kinks to find a provider whose likes match yours.  Regardless of your experience level, you are sure to find a domination escort to take you in hand and help you explore the deep-down depths of your sexuality.  And remember – we are a collective, not an agency, so when you’re ready to reach out to a London domination escort, please do so via their own personal contact details.

Why it’s sexy to spend some time with domination escorts in London

Domination escorts allow you to give up control of your pleasure to a beautiful woman – who isn’t afraid to use you for her own pleasure, either.  Our busy lives don’t allow much in terms of abandon; what could be better than abandoning all control to someone who knows exactly how to push your buttons? The frission between pleasure and pain is one that must be experienced to be believed, and we will be all too happy to take you in hand.