Submissive Escorts: A Guide

Looking to explore your dominant side with a kinky partner? This brief guide aims to address some of the key questions you may have before meeting a submissive escort in London, written by some of London’s finest BDSM companions.

What does a submissive escort do?

A submissive escort is a professional BDSM practitioner, one with an expertise in taking the submissive role. This role is sometimes also referred to as a sub, bottom, spankee or rope bunny, depending on the type of play you’re into. Significantly, submissive escorts are also full service providers, meaning they include sexual services within their sessions. Submissive escorts make ideal play partners if you’re looking to dominate a beautiful woman for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to BDSM. Regardless of your experience level, your companion will generally spend some time discussing your fantasies with you beforehand, in order to tailor the experience exactly to your mutual desires.

What might you experience with a submissive escort?

Whilst there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ session with a submissive escort, there are a range of services and experiences which you might be interested in. These could include

bondage, with cuffs, ropes (shibari), bondage tape or spreader bars.

-impact play, including over the knee spanking, paddling, strapping, tawse, belt, cane, crop, flogger slipper, hairbrush, birch or whip.

-roleplay and uniform scenarios, such as naughty school girl, a slutty secretary caught misbehaving at the office, French maid doctors and nurses, equestrian, police, slave girl, DD/lg (Daddy Dom and little girl), incest play (step mum, son, daughter), cheerleader, prisoner, spy interrogation, sex therapist,

sensual domination, such as playing with sensation, temperature and teasing

-lingerie modelling, in lace lingerie and sheer silk stockings.

-modelling latex and leather outfits, as well as other harnesses and bondage wear

-orgasm control and denial; edging.

-Dungeon sessions including fetish furniture, such as an St Andrew’s Cross, cages and bondage equipment

-Group sex and FFM threesomes with lesbian escorts.

-Watersports or golden showers, desperation play.

-Gags, including ball gags, ring gags. bit gags and spider gags

-Toys, including magic wand vibrators, love eggs, remote control vibrators, dildos, anal toys, sybian machines and womanizers.

-anal play with plugs and beads

-anal sex

-Power dynamics, such as control, humiliation, degradation, objectification and exposure

– Pet play, such as pony play, puppy or kitten

-CMNF, and seductive striptease

-Rough sex and face fucking


-Sensory deprivation with blindfolds, hoods,

-Dirty talk and smutty stories.

-Voyeurism and exhibitionism

-E-stim, with violet wands and other electrical toys

-Nipple torture and nipple clamps

Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list, but a great place to begin your planning.

How to find the right Submissive Escort

Chemistry is everything, so it’s important to find the right submissive escort for you. The first step is research. The profiles on Kinky London Escorts represent some of the most elite independent kinky escorts in London, so you’ve found yourself in the right place! Read our individual profiles, and see who stands out, before heading to our individual websites to learn more. You can also filter submissive and switch escorts by kinks you might be interested in, using the filter function bar at the top of the page. The filter also includes location (We’re predominately based in Central, West, East and South London). Once you’ve got someone in mind, get in touch via their own website (Kinky London Escorts is just a directory, not an agency, so you’ll need to book directly with each provider). It helps to have a sense of what you’re looking for, to ensure the submissive escort you select is best suited to your mutual needs. It’s always advisable to be honest about your experience level – we love beginners as much as dab hands, and if you’re the former, we can be sure to teach you a thing or two when we meet.

How to Prepare for Seeing a Submissive Escort

The best way to prepare for your session with a submissive escort is a little homework – the fun kind, of course. It never hurts to read a little more about the kinks your interested in, or perhaps watch some porn that features it. We also love erotic stories as a kick start to your imagination. You can also think about your own likes, dislikes and limits, in order to best communicate these to your lover when you meet. You may also want to explore the website of the submissive escort you’re meeting. Does she blog or tweet? These often offer an additional way to connect with a professional companion, and a great starting point for conversation if you’re feeling a little shy.

Why it’s Sexy?

Seeing a Submissive Escort is a space in which you can embrace your desires, and take control of a beautiful woman and her pleasure. Dabbling in control dynamics such as these feels truly liberating and intoxicating. This is an environment in which you can explore taboo and thrilling roleplays, and get in touch with your authentic sexual self – something we’re often encouraged to hide socially.  Every submissive escort listed on Kinky London Escorts is an exceptional, skilled practitioner, and also enjoy incorporating sexual services within their kink scenes. If you’re ready to take your erotic life to the next level, you know where to begin.