Kinky London Escorts

London is the home of kink, let’s admit it. It only takes an aimless stroll off the main streets of the West End to end up in a dimly lit Soho boutique, running your hand over exquisitely crafted floggers and smooth latex. But London has so many more destinations for the BDSM-inclined, and there are those of us that know (almost) all of their secrets.

I will soon be moving away from London – and although it will be to perhaps our only real competition for ‘kinkiest city’ (Tokyo, of course), for now I am spending as much time as possible at my favourite kinky haunts. And so I thought it only fair that I leave a handful of recommendations behind me. That, and (of course) the suggestion that if you visit any of these places, you bring a gorgeous KLE member with you.

North London

The Peacock Parlour (Caledonian road)

One of the most beautiful and well equipped dungeons I’ve had the pleasure of playing in, and an easy journey from either Camden Town or King’s Cross. It’s more ‘luxury boudoir’ than ‘cold hard cell’, and it’s also a breeze to hire online from the friendly and accommodating hosts. I don’t think there’s anywhere better to dip your toes into visiting a dungeon with a companion, and I have made some extremely filthy memories here.

East London

London Alternative Market (Bank)

Another destination I highly recommend if you’re curious about kink and want to source the best possible equipment. The expertise and craftsmanship that goes into some of the pieces available, as well as the opportunity to get great advice, will (for me) always beat shopping online. And speaking from experience, take along a date who will spend most of the time fawning over all of her favourite implements.

Le Boudoir (Aldgate)

This is the sex party that I always suggest for anyone that is interested in trying one. It’s extremely sexy, it’s welcoming to newcomers, and registration is straightforward. Le Boudoir is close to Liverpool street but definitely worth the journey from further afield – even if the most you get up to is fooling around in a dark corner with your date, it will be an electric evening. Although it’s really not a bad place to organise that long-fantasised about foursome and to end up as five.

South London

Honour (Waterloo)

If my companion and I are staying in London Bridge, or catching a play on the South Bank, I love stopping off at this shop together. And if you think that shopping isn’t that kinky, you’ve never shyly looked at your date and said ‘how about this?’, enjoying the delicious moment as you wait to see if their eyes light up too. There’s a seriously impressive amount of latex and PVC to pour yourself into, and of course enough toys to keep you very, very occupied.

West London

The Bunker (Baker Street)

If you watch as much BDSM porn set in dark and moody dungeons as I do, you begin to wonder about organising your own homage with a companion. This is the place for that – all cold metal and atmospheric lighting, setting the mood for you long before the first spank. It’s simple to hire online, and there’s nothing quite like wandering the well-heeled streets of Marylebone, still feeling a little adrenaline, after all that depravity.

Erin x