What do you think of at the mention of the vampire? A preternaturally beautiful creature of the night, beguiling with a magnetic gaze and seducing unrepentantly to feed an insatiable hunger? Sound familiar? We independent escorts have always had something of an affinity with Nosferatu.  So this Halloween, the delectable Elle Voss has prepared something on the inextricable links between vampires, kink and sexuality.


Modern vampires* are undeniably erotic. But why? They don’t flatter with romantic gestures and flowers, and they don’t always adhere to traditional beauty standards of vitality. Most of them are over the age of 300, let alone 30; their magnetism comes from something much darker and more intentional. The heady mixture of power, pleasure, pain and ‘the forbidden’ draws so many parallels with kink.


History and Culture

To make several long stories short, vampires have evolved from disgusting to desirable. They continue to manifest as objects of lust and fear, of curiosity (morbid or otherwise) and as vessels of cultural narrative. Academic literature has pretty thoroughly explored the correlation between genres of horror and societal zeitgeists, but vampires occupy a special place in our collectively kinky hearts. Since the 18th and 19th century, iterations of the vampire have held a mirror up to our carnal fears and delights. Ironic, considering their own fraught relationship with reflective surfaces.

Being the horror geek that I am, I’ve had to repress the urge to spend the rest of this blog post just breaking down my personal hot list of ‘celebrity’ vampires (and then going and watching THAT scene in From Dusk Till Dawn** a few more times). Maybe next year I’ll introduce you to a couple of BNOCs (Big Names of the Crypt) for fun.

Sensualism, Group Sex, and Body Worship

Let’s start with the physical. The obvious stuff. Orgies. Body worship. Surrender to the primal, and sexual consumption of the object(s) of one’s carnal desire. Jonathon Harker, my man, you were not fooling anyone when you got all upset about your awakening by Dracula’s three brides. In fact, he wasn’t even fooling himself; in Stoker’s novel, he describes a “wicked, burning desire that they would kiss me with those red lips.” The idea of being desired and shared by multiple beautiful women is a fantasy shared by many. More broadly we can enjoy a good bacchanalian orgy, blinded by bloodlust and surrendering our control to supernatural desire, unshackled from puritanical moral ideas of chastity and sexual propriety. It’s not our fault, it’s the vampiric curse!

Group sex is a sensualist’s dream. The riot of sensations, variety of partners and potential for pleasure appeals to the hedonist with a gluttonous streak. But, among the vampires, sensuality is also hyper-focused on certain body parts. The neck (my personal favourite erogenous zone) is the object of obsession. The ghosting of lips and the barest scrape of teeth along the column of the throat, the inner wrists and thighs… What a way to get the blood pumping. Body worship: it’s not just for the ass.


Domination, Submission, and Consensual Non-Consent

Power is a heady thing. When it comes to psychological arousal, power dynamics are a tool as effective as any cuff or cane. As a certified switch, I can certainly understand how the mythos of the vampire/victim appeals to both parties. To have the object of one’s desire in thrall, with total control of their pain and pleasure, is very vamp. Conversely, to be enthralled is to surrender responsibility and have no choice but to give in to one’s deepest desires. The submissive, the victim, is at the mercy of the dominant, the vampire.

The idea of the surrender of responsibility was particularly pertinent to the Victorians, aka the people who really started horny-coding vampires in the cultural narrative. In the mainstream, female sexuality was denied, controlled, and feared; heterosexuality, monogamy, general sexual ‘propriety’ was expected from men and women alike. Transgression of these sexual norms by characters in vampire stories resulted in a sticky end for the transgressors (and not in the way they probably wanted…)

While notions of sexual morality have evolved exponentially since the Dracula days, the erotic draw of ‘the forbidden’ remains constant. Taboo kinks like consensual non-consent and religious/sacrilegous roleplay are so tethered when viewed through the mythos of the vampirism. In my opinion, the value of this is in subversion and gender non-conformity. Of course, not all vampire stories are free from traditional ideas about female purity or male stoicism. However there’s now so much variety in vampire representation that I feel it presents an exciting area in which consensual non-consent, for example, is an equally potent kink regardless of gender. Via various stories and characters, all genders can be seen participating on either side of the power dynamic. And I, for one, love that.

But remember- even in the world of fantasy, the vampire must always be invited across the threshold. Safe, sane consent is non-negotiable with all independent escorts. Plan your scenes, discuss your limits and you’re in for a bloody good time.


Aesthetics, Fantasy and Roleplay

Which came first, the vampire or the black, red and lacy colour scheme? Trick question, I did while writing that. Ultimately, vampires are fiction. One can argue that the ultimate function of fiction is escapism. The same can be said for roleplay, made even more deliciously distracting if intimacy is involved.

The aesthetics of the vampire are decidedly kinky, too. Latex, leather, corsets, stockings; all garments and accessories that wouldn’t be out of place in the vampire’s wardrobe. They’re also tools for creating the fantasy and facilitating a scene to escape into for a few hours.

So go forth and take inspiration from our kinky denizens of the darkness. Better yet, invite me and a few fellow independent escorts along for the fun? I bet you can’t wait to find out what we do in the shadows…


*I think it’s important to note that this is just one (relatively narrow) avenue to explore the concept of the vampire. There are many other less sexy, less eurocentric, and generally socio-politically nuanced dissections of the construct of the vampire out there. However, if you hadn’t already guessed by the end of this article, my objective here is to focus on kink, escapism and generally prime everyone for a good bit of necking off…

**Look up ‘Santanico Pandemonium From Dusk Till Dawn’; Killer dancer, foot fetish girlie, and I have it on good authority that she was a sexual awakening for many of my female friends.