Queening, or as it’s more often referred to, facesitting, has a firm place in BDSM history and is a constant favourite for admirers of big bottoms and thick thighs.

Typically positioning oneself over your submissive’s face, the cunt & asshole is perfectly presented for worship. Forward-facing one can relish in the look of fear and desire on your captive’s face, as you forcefully press your clit against his tongue. Reversely, this position provides the perfect vantage point to torture and tease their precious places. Nipples and balls often have my attention and are easily lightly flogged, pinched or pegged.

Unlike smothering (with which it is sometimes confused), facesitting is not concerned with the deprivation of air, but Subs can still be easily overwhelmed. Often wrapped in bondage or simply held down with the full weight of the Domme’s body, her flesh, moisture, scent and darkness is so alluring. In light of this, sexual commands may sometimes be ignored, which of course requires some form of reprimand from many a disappointed Mistress.

Not to be overlooked, this activity is so often present in any good moresome scene. Whether holes and appendages are haphazardly matched or coordinated in an ornamental dance, the mouth to pussy configuration is never far from view. There’s something truly sexy about gazing up from a woman’s cunt and seeing her soft belly and bouncing tits, especially if you’re getting fucked hard at the same time.

Predominantly viewed as a dominant role, submissives may be requested to receive pleasure in this way; ordered to saddle their Masters face or ideally tied to a queening stool for ease of access. The stool is multifunctional, offering a prime posture for squirting, water and hard sports. Designed to position the user in a squatted stance, the pelvis is relaxed and their genitals opened wide.
Engaging with a BBW for the first time in this kind of play can be daunting, it’s a lot of flesh surrounding your little old head!  If you’re truly focused on worshipping your Mistress, a stool might not be a bad place to start. However, in my experience most lovers of flesh are seeking to surrender in those thick thighs, to feel the air taken from them and feel the helplessness as they are overpowered by such a mighty woman. And so, we segue quickly into smothering.There’s an old saying, ‘Thick thighs save lives’, but in this context, they just might not. Play safe: check in and use agreed verbal or physical cues to communicate with your captive, their mouth is likely to be more than a little full at times.