In the opinion of the KLE Collective, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried role play (and of course we’re talking kinky role play). Role play adds another level to sexual dynamics, allowing everyone involved to be someone else, to try things and behave in ways you might not if you weren’t in character.

Power play is at the heart of much good role play. Unequal power dynamics which would be appalling in real life become immensely hot when played out consensually between sexual partners. The classics are popular for a reason, close to real life but also wildly wrong. Think teachers and students, bosses and secretaries, doctors and patients, think hostages and blackmail, think anything in which dominance and submission come dressed-up in drama.

If power play isn’t your thing though, role play works just as well without. Try strangers meeting in a bar, handyman comes over to fix something and finds himself seduced, two virgins decide to experiment on each other. The list goes on.

As with all good sex, consent is key. Talk to your partner/s, discuss your limits and voice your desires. Then enjoy.

And if you need a little inspiration…

The Boss Bitch

Standing outside your boss’s office, you automatically tense up. Since you started working for her a year ago, you haven’t interacted much; she’s cold and aloof. It’s been impossible not to notice her though and you’ve caught yourself staring as she strides past, her pencil skirt clinging to her bottom. You shouldn’t be having thoughts like this.

She opens the door and orders you to sit. Across the desk, you take in her red lips. She licks them and you wonder what she tastes like.

“You know why you’re here,” she says. Her nails are long and blood red, like weapons. “Can you tell me what this is about?” On the screen of her computer you see yourself, ‘working late’ one night, your trousers down and your hand pumping your cock. You hadn’t realised there were cameras.

Mortified, you can’t meet her eye. “Am I going to be fired?” You know the answer. Of course you are.

She’s walked around her desk and now she perches on it, folds her arms across her chest. You daren’t look up but suddenly her fingers are cupping your chin and she forces your face upward. She leans toward you. “I haven’t decided yet,” she says. “It depends on your cooperation. Stand up.”

The way she is looking at you is humiliating, as though you’re no longer a person. “Strip,” she says.

Slowly, you take your clothes off, item by item, until you are completely naked. She runs her eyes over your body and you realise you’re trembling. You’ve covering your cock with your hands, ashamed.

“Put your hands on your head,” she tells you and you obey. Now, you are completely exposed.

She’s taller than you in her heels. When she stands in front of you, the curve of her breasts beneath her white shirt are eye-level. You are already rock hard. She wraps her hand around your cock and pulls down your lip with the other.

“You’re going to work very hard now aren’t you.” It isn’t a question. “On your hands and knees.”

Now you’re on all fours. You’re nervous but you want her to touch you again. Her fingernail traces your balls and you moan. The top buttons of her shirt have come undone and she’s not wearing a bra. You imagine sucking on her breast and, as though she can read your mind, she slaps you.

Something cold is pressing against your arsehole. “Just relax,” she says but she’s laughing; she knows you can’t relax. The butt plug slips inside you, and you feel its coldness. She spits on her hand and strokes your cock from behind and you wonder what would happen if you came right now.

“Oh no,” she says. “This is all about me.”

She walks back around her desk and sits down in her chair. Slowly, she inches her skirt up around her hips until the top of her stockings are showing. She opens her legs. She’s not wearing knickers and the lips of her pussy look juicy and pink. “Come here,” she tells you.

You crawl across the floor, your eyes on her spread thighs. You crawl under the desk and she opens her legs wider and takes hold of your head, pressing you into her. “Make me come,” she says. Your face is already soaking. Of course, you will obey.