Do you remember the first time? Tulsi Tamora certainly does, and she’s generously shared an incredibly hot story with you – her first time indulging in the pleasures of body worship whilst dominating a man. We challenge you to get to the end without needing a cold shower.


It was my second boyfriend. Until then, we’d both been enthusiastic participants, learning about each other and the world of sex and kink, but mostly along the same old scripts – he gave, I received. One night, while the rain was falling outside in a gentle buzz, we were fooling around under the covers. This time, I sensed a slight hesitancy. I drew back but then my intuition led me down a different path. ‘Do you want to try something different?’ I asked. He nodded, smiling. We’d talked about this before, so although it was my first time indulging in body worship, I had a sense of what we both wanted. And there was something much deeper inside me as well, a natural desire to take gentle control and be playfully in charge.

I let my intuition, and this natural streak for domination I had inside me, keep leading the way. I got on top and started kissing him, caressing his body, from his neck to his earlobes to his fingertips, public bone and toes. Sensing a positive reaction, I moved to a more playful – or maybe cruel – teasing. Moving all over his body, I started to alternate between gently scratching and rubbing him, still kissing him in between. 

And then, I turned him over. At this point he was already softly whimpering. I could see how erotic it was for him, to express his needs unlike ever before and have them met. To be treated with care, but also to be controlled, so that he could let go. By contrast, I felt more in control than ever, fully in charge of his pleasure and mine. With his softly mumbled consent I started to scratch and spank him, working my way down to between his legs. 

It was here that my desire to be a mistress fully took over. Tracing my fingers over him before tracing them away, I brought him to the brink repeatedly before declining any sweet release. Sensing that he was become incoherent with desire, I gently but firmly turned him over. Clambering over, I smiled down at him and asked him if he wanted his reward. Without even speaking, he greedily grabbed my legs so that he was face deep buried in me – and it felt incredible. I adjusted myself so I was now fully smothering him in my sensual, womanly control. I began to shake – I’ve always been easy to make orgasm, but there was something about a man losing himself in pleasuring me, and me reaping all the rewards like a queen, that especially pushed me over the edge.

By the time we both finished, the rain had stopped and it was peacefully quiet outside. Something had changed within us, and between us. For him, I sensed that the opportunity to truly express himself had opened a whole new way to experience pleasure. A way that hadn’t been articulated to him, but had been deep inside him this whole time. When I asked him, he affirmed, and also added that the physical sensations themselves had felt like losing himself, reaching a new plane of pleasure he didn’t know was possible. 

For me, I felt completely invigorated, like I’d just unlocked a whole new world of being a woman. I was already confident at the time, but since that night I feel I’ve been able to come even more into myself as a self-assured, natural woman. 

That boyfriend and I aren’t together any longer, but as an Indian mistress in London, I still get to create those feelings with my lovely dates. Of leaving shame and scripts behind, and truly embracing innate desire and body worship instead. Of communicating in a safe and caring way, to work out what we really want. Of having our needs met, of losing control and taking control, of entering transcendental pleasure, and ending in mindblowing bliss.