Been finding yourself a little distracted by daydreams of sensual domination by a beautiful woman? The divine Welsh Belle is on hand to tell you more about one her favourite styles of play.

Seeing an escort that specialises in sensual domination for the first time can be a nerve-wracking thing. It’s one thing to fantasise in your head about those secret desires you’ve been harbouring, but taking the plunge and having them play out – guided by a London pro domme who passionately enjoys her work – is another.

A lot of this hesitancy, I think, is due to the myriad stereotypes about the dominatrix escort. Some of these stereotypes are good, and can be fun to play with. Thigh-high boots, an imposing woman standing over you clad in latex with a crop in hand? This experience can be truly electrifying! There’s a reason some things become a visual standard, and visiting a mistress whose uniform makes you weak at the knees, can be nothing but a good thing.

There are some other stereotypes, however, which can often mislead people. The idea that even as we spank, humiliate, degrade and punish our submissives, that we don’t care about them, is something I passionately fight against. I am deeply committed to my submissive’s safety, enjoyment and trust in me. They relinquish their power to me, which makes me responsible for their safety, happiness and pleasure. With great power, as the classic saying goes…

These sorts of stereotypes can make approaching a kinky provider more intimidating than it needs to be. But there are ways around this fear. Something I really enjoy, is incorporating kink into otherwise more vanilla experiences. Clients often approach me with a desire to push their boundaries, but they want it done slowly, and at their pace. While some people find excitement and enjoyment at having their choice and decisions guided by a professional dominant escort from the get-go, others are a little more tentative about their kinky sides. We all start somewhere! This is where I think sensual domination comes in.

Sensual domination involves seduction, and focuses on bringing all our senses into the mix. Like any scene, limits are agreed beforehand so as to make sure all play is consensual, but a sensual domination session prioritises soft caresses, while simultaneously prioritising spanks. The focus is on praising the submissive, rather than admonishing them – perfect for those of us who don’t find degradation particularly sexy. Pain, in sensual domination scenarios, is meant to compliment the pleasure, rather than being the sole focus of any scene – think of it as that added extra which heightens the entire experience.

Sensual domination has slowly become more and more acceptable in the mainstream world. Many of the tools of sensual domination are found in your average sex stores (or especially important for during the pandemic, around the house); think blindfolds (or even a sleep mask), ropes, ice cubes, and feathers. It is perfect for those wanting to dip their toe into this kinky underworld, or for those who relish the feeling of intimacy with an elite escort but want to try a sharper edge to their desires. Classic roleplay scenarios (such as the headmistress and naughty school boy), and foot and body worship are a great way of beginning one’s journey into kink, which keep a delightful element of soft intimacy.

Sensual domination does not invoke aggression as a conduit for arousal, but rather delights in the multiple ways that the body’s pleasure can be heightened with deliberate acts of edging, teasing, and mild pain. Reaching the subspace for the submissive may take a little longer, but in my opinion, the high is just as captivating and addictive as it is for those who relish in more extreme forms of pain and submission.

I love being a sensual domination escort because this particular style of domination requires a lot of patience, and understanding the submissive’s state of mind in a very intimate way. For those with a taste for a perverted mistress, I can feed your fetish. My domination is erotic, warm and caring; but don’t be fooled, I know how to deliver a good spanking. From control to chastity, my repertoire is impressive – and while I’ve been known to dish out harsher punishments to those with a penchant for severity, my love for sensual domination runs deep.