What happens when you combine ~80 London roleplay escorts, a Twitter thread, and Back to School month? A hypothetical KLE boarding school, of course. Grab your trusty stationery and study the ins and outs of our kinky institution.

It’s September and that means one thing and one thing only: the Summer holidays are over. The KLE School for Kinkcraft and Fetishry has opened its doors to students once more. We heard you were considering joining the board of governors. Are you ready for your tour?

First, let’s introduce to you some of the London roleplay escorts – oh! sorry! – we mean students who board at the KLE School.

Such as Tulsi Tamora and Celia Cordel.

While Freya Alvar arrives on her moped, Penelope Bond and Annie Lilja serve up breakfast.

Ama Daisy is here to give you the tour of the school, starting with our three Head Mistresses.

Alongside expert roleplay escort Carla James, we have divine Head Mistresses Kio Jones and Lilly Watson. 

Deliver gifts to the front desk for Sapphire and Madeleine Moore.

And take a handful of tissues when leaving Tabitha Harper‘s office. As they’ll come in handy to wipe your brow when you set eyes on the steamy Helena Dawson and Madeleine de Winter.

But some, including us, like it hot. As it creates more opportunity to watch Katie Dee, Welsh Belle and Arazatah strip off.

Are you well read enough? Let librarian Sadie O’Shea be the judge of that.

Our student body is made up of 80 or so pupils, with:

Four Prefects – the gorgeous Barbara Black, River Rose, Olivia Sinclair…



…and the divine Amelia Swann.

Alongside the prefects, there’s the Deputy Head Girl and Head Girl. But currently, we are still going through the selection process.

There is no choosing between the elegant Claude Love and Louisa Knight – especially with chemistry like this.

Rebel, rebel Sofia Miles.

In morning assembly, some awards are being handed out to the pupils. Recipients of the Outstanding Achievement in ‘Arch(ery)’:

Nina Lira, Aaliyah Belmonte, Amber Evergreen, Chantel More, Ylwa Bergman and Ivy Maddox.

And recipient of the annual Heart Throb award: Amelia Laurent.

Have you gone down to the woods today? Because Hazel has.

How to sit on a chair like a London Roleplay Escort? As demonstrated by Mia Dixion, Noelle Rivers, Anna Alba and Mia Honey.

Time for Botany class on the school grounds. Edie, Skylar Parkar and Anya Amasova are our green fingered pupils in attendance.

Ava Faye combines her Botany education with her artistic practice.

Hot girls doing their make-up in bathrooms is an integral part of school culture. And Jessa Jones and Elsa Riley are doing their bit to uphold it.

Our favourite teacher’s pets: Pure Lily and Darla Blake.

And in the dorm room, two of our favourite skivers: Kat Beaumont and Eda Blackwood.

And two more, taking selfies: Louisa Smith and Tee Rabbit.

Anais Leigh and Letizia Miro demonstrate how to look hot when all tied up.

And Sienna Truetantric shows how to look how when waiting to be.

We don’t know if we want to be Bunny or Ivy Grace more right now.

But we would love to practice both roles with Madeleine Mercury.

We’re soaked just looking at the hotness of the swim team. Circe, Valerie August, Darcy Sloane and Chloe Vega.

Work up a sweat with Billie Brookes.

Or attend class indoors with Verity Thorne and Amira. 

If you’re exhausted already from the day. You could always elect for Pampering 101 with Brooke Mayers, Lilu Izar and Famke Fonteyn.

And then strengthen your fingering skills over in music class with Olivia Valentina and Bella Deveraux.

Is that your tummy growling? Lunch is served. And doesn’t Eve Wilde look delicious?

Make sure you take your time getting back to the building, you want to experience the stunning Adrianna Harper.

We’re ready to be whipped into shape by Suzie Blue and Nina Lazou.

And then admire Nicolette Bond’s handy work.

Anyone need a study buddy? We heard Alissa Jolie was looking.

Practicing whipping you into shape in the dungeon outside of school hours. Does this mean Scarlett May is a good girl after all?

It’s that time of day again. Tuck in your napkin ready for Margot Alderton.

And then blow off some steam with the effervescent Black Venus.