Despite a seemingly innocent exterior, this blonde-haired, London-based companion has a devilish side. Open-minded, with a love for a challenge, I'm here to provide a safe space for you to explore those deep fantasies of yours.

Kink, to me, can be viewed in two ways: the delectable remise en bouche that helps to reset you for the subtle and nuanced flavour of “vanilla”; or, it is the staple, everyday meal you simply adore. Both are valid, and both are welcome at the table with me. So long as our taste buds are compatible.

It’s the place many of us find respite, our kinks. Respite from the mundane – or from the hectic. A few snatched moments of no longer being the person calling the shots, a rest from decision fatigue and a time to indulge in your own needs.  If you crave to give yourself over to a strong, sensually dominant and nurturing woman: your respite may be on the horizon.

Soft, sensual domination and strength domination (lift and carry, erotic wrestling) are my forte – I deeply relish being worshipped, with a particular soft spot for those who love my feet. I’m able to switch between dominant and submissive too, but this is reserved for only established clients or duo bookings (see my Friends). Compatibility with those in my circle is crucial, ensuring the memories we create together are suitable fodder for erotic alone time for years to come. And so in our communications before meeting, I will do my best to make certain we are genuinely suited for each other’s company. Mediocrity has no place in ecstasy.

To the core, I am a curious soul that craves experiences that make this blonde escort’s pulse quicken and my cheeks flush. So if you have something unique you are keen to try, or have already developed a soft spot for, and I haven’t listed it – please do reach out.

For those amorous of appetite and romantic of heart, intimacy is so much more than creating nice-feeling friction between the sheets. It’s the sharp-witted rapport between two kindred souls, it’s the breathless post-coital semi-amalgamation of woven limbs, and it’s the drowsy pillow talk deconstructing the mysteries of this life (or perhaps the plot-line of our favourite films). I tailor each experience to the client, so if you want your kink with a side of GFE, welcome.

You may be curious to know which dashing older well-known gentlemen I fancy, so as to box tick whether you fit the bill. However, I don’t have a physical type. I am attracted to people of all genders, ethnicities, ages (provided you are over 21) and will never discriminate against you if you are disabled. Instead, I am seduced by the more abstract attributes. Being motivated and driven, and emotionally intelligent with a kind and generous heart will put you in good stead with me. I find it alluring when I meet someone who knows exactly what they want.