Despite a seemingly innocent exterior, this blonde-haired, London-based companion has a devilish side. Open-minded, with a love for a challenge, I'm here to provide a safe space for you to explore those deep fantasies of yours.

I’m Hazel. In constant search for an epicurean lifestyle, I abandoned my life in Literature and entered this world as an independent escort specialising in gfe and kink, with not one look back. Described often as extroverted, I thrive amongst company – revelling in the energy that pulsates from those who are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Au fait with dinner parties and older company from my youth, I ventured into this lifestyle to continue to enjoy my preference for the exquisite. Raised in London, with summers in the South of France, and educated at one of the top schools in the country, books and lovers are two of the pleasures I enjoy truly losing myself in. Thanks to this education and a privileged upbringing, I have been graced with a well-spoken, mellifluous British accent.

I have a very womanly shaped body. A tight waist with curved hips and long slender legs – that are deceptively strong and muscular from my martial arts training – that men and women alike cannot take their eyes off. My all-natural breasts, and toned, round derriere act as the perfect complement to that hourglass figure. However, the most compliments I get are about my dazzling emerald green eyes – that you’ll have to see in person to be entranced by.

My penchant for cultivated moments of intrigue has derived from my privileged upbringing that encouraged seeking experiences from outside ‘the bubble’.

Fundamentally, it is exactly the unusual and the extravagant that I seek out. I take great pleasure in moments that end with an exaltant gasp. And it is exactly that which led me into the world of kink. I was initiated into kink and fetish through lift and carry, and wrestling, after a suitor noticed how much I loved my martial arts training outside of my life as Harriet. From there, I have delved deeper and taken great pleasure in learning as a switch. Able to swing between submissive and dominance with ease (and an inherent bratty streak), I’m here to revel in a world of deviance with you. More submissive around women, I am the perfect playmate for a FFM threesome in which you’d like to watch one woman top another (me!).

The only question left is, how would you like to see me?