Say yes to the inextricable pleasures of mind and body.

I’m an Oxbridge-educated PhD student and artist, born and raised in London. Petite and sophisticated, I have a pixie-shaped face, articulate brown eyes, porcelain skin and a derriere to die for. I am charming, elegant, witty and modest.

I take joy in life. I eat my dinners and enjoy them. I adore shared conversation and shared laughter over a properly selected wine or whisky. You will often find me at the theatre, or a concert. I love to read (Ursula Le Guin and George Eliot are some favourite authors), play the guitar, and keep up with tech.

I also love to travel: one of my major passions is globe-trotting with a partner in crime.

If that all sounds a little intimidating, let me reassure you. My longstanding romantic connections are often with gentlemen who felt nervous about meeting me at first. That is, until they discover that I am warm, friendly, and love to put people at their ease. My select number of lovers say they value my ability to develop a meaningful intellectual and erotic bond, drawing out desires that may have previously felt hard to share.

You can visit me at my rather chic Central London flat, or I’m happy to provide a restaurant or bar recommendation.

I enjoy the intimacy of the girlfriend experience: real conversations leading to real erotic spark, developed and deepened through time and trust. In public you will find me the soul of sophisticated discretion, while in private I will take your lead. I am submissive-leaning but often switch, adore kink and have a lot of fun with role-plays. My bisexuality is reflected in my roster of hot friends I love to play with.

I have a glamorous, alternative hair-cut (I wear a wig in these photos for privacy), some natural, trimmed body hair, and a small number of piercings and tattoos scattered across my toned body.

I say yes to the inextricable pleasures of mind and body, and one of my greatest joys is enabling others to do the same. Will you join me?