London independent escorts, but make it a boardgame. Was it Miss Scarlett in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe? Or perhaps Mrs Peacock in the Kitchen with the Dagger? Peek into the KLE Challenge our Twitter followers partook in last Easter bank holiday that saw them unleashing their inner detectives.


For those who have indulged in the nostalgic board game Cluedo (or Clue, in the States), buckle up. KLE Collective have released our very own edition: The Mystery involving London Independent Escorts and a whole lot of kinky equipment:

Part One

First, we assigned the original Cluedo roles to six of our Collective Members:

Scarlett May as the seductive Miss Scarlett, with her mischievous accomplice Pure Lily.

Amber Evergreen as a rather more glamourous Reverend Green.

Welsh Belle is Colonel Mustard, sexed up.

Professor Plum in two parts: Kio Jones and Sapphire.

Obviously, Amelia Swann is the only option for Mrs Peacock with sass like this.

Then, as Mrs White – Dr. Black’s housekeeper in the game –  was discontinued from 2016, we decided to reimagine her as a firm domme ready to discipline anyone who dares step a foot wrong…

Our revamped Mrs White: Nina Lazou.

Over the years and many editions of Cluedo in the 72 years since its first release, many characters have been abandoned. We decided to re-install them for our own use.

Starting with: River Rose as the dandy Monsieur Brunette. and Darcy Sloane as sumptuous Miss Peach.

Madame Rose? I think you mean Mia Honey.

Louisa Smith and Lilu Izar, a botanist duo with a nod to Lady Lavender.

Mia Dixion as the elegant Dr Orchid.

And lastly, Bunny gives off some serious Inspector Grey vibes here.

Now, it was time to get creative. We have appropriated the entire Cluedo cast as our own, but we are a Collective of many.

Welcome to the KLE Cluedo originals:

First up: Tabitha Harper channelling her inner Eve –  wielding a red apple and ready to cause the Fall of Man.

Amira and Nadia Nielsen blessing us with the shortest of skirts in the study.

The lady in the red dress, with the red hair: Celia Cordel.

Leather gloves abound and in need of smelling salts in the Hall, Miss Lilly Watson. 

Freya Alvar could totally slip a lead pipe up the hem of those trousers. And we aren’t talking about those glorious legs of hers.

Who could resist the allure of London Independent Escorts Claude Love and Arazatah?

Part two

Ready to dive in to the second part of our Mystery? We mightily hope so.

Barbara Black – spouse to Dr Black and domme with a taste for worship.

Seductive and athletic Chloe Vega.

The temptress, our Candlestick wielding Madeleine Moore.

Verity Thorne and Adel Jett – two perfect companions to wash off last night’s hedonism with.

In the shower: Spain’s Anna Alba.

Seductresses Letizia Miro and Margot Alderton are here to feed your hungry libido. Peckish?

Circe – siren, london independent escort – in a room of one’s own.

Seek comfort in the sun-kissed arms of Nadia Roberts.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and this particular flower is called Madeleine de Winter.

The woman whose statuesque physique could easily be the inspiration for thousands of sculptures: Skylar Parkar.

Daughter of Poseidon? Or Anya Amasova.

Water nymph and enchanting siren, Suzie Blue.

Take a dip to cool off from the heat emanating from Elsa Riley.

Try to keep your ship on steady waters, a trio of beautiful mermaids – sorry, London independent escorts – are threatening to capsize you: Louisa Knight, Valerie August and Jessa Jones.

Keep your balls in order, courtesy of effortlessly elegant Olivia Sinclair.

Feeling dizzy? The culprit could be Ivy Grace’s curves.

Listen to the dulcet tones of Helena Dawson as she whispers a clue in your ear…

Part three

27 guests, also known as KLE Collective babes, to go. Do you have any idea of who the culprit is yet?

Flame-haired and seductive, Amelia Laurent is a deity of all things hot, hot, hot.

On the flipside, ever-angelic Rose Ballantyne and Olivia Valentina are here to greet you into Heaven.

Who wouldn’t want to get tactile with the gorgeous Nala Carey?

Get entangled with the enchanting Claudia Taylor.

Sitting ducks? Oh non. Here we have two sitting swans, ready to hand out some divine discipline: Annie Lilja and Abby Joansen.

If you’re a big fan of suspense – or suspension – Tee Rabbit is the rope bunny for you.

Let Katie Dee lead you to whole new levels of delight.

Worship at the feet of our Goddess, Tulsi Tamora.

Descend into decadence with two of London’s enchantresses and independent escorts, Hazel and Ylwa Bergman.

A full-bodied red, anyone? The exquisite Billie Brookes.

Vampy Madeleine Mercury and Noelle Rivers are here to test your carnal knowledge.

Part four

Congratulations! You have made it to our final part of the KLE Cluedo Quest. Ready?

Lounge on the sofa with the radiantly beautiful Sadie O’Shea.

Care to help Famke with her zip?

Fall into a daze after gazing upon otherwordly escorts Adrianna Harper and Chantel More.

Draped in emerald and looking like a treat: Georgie Darling.

Embrace the beauty of Eve and spoil her with Wilde abandon.

A sight for sore eyes, Nicolette Bond.

Awaken your senses with Joanne Campbell.

Three could never be a crowd with Carla and Darla.

Let the bewitchingly beautiful Alissa Antoine put you under her spell.

Breathtaking or a breath of fresh air? Alissa Jolie.

Lastly, goodbyes are the sweetest when they come from the ethereal Meghan Taylor Evans.

To wrap up our Mystery,  we invited our followers to guess who the KLE Cluedo culprit was. Many put in their two pence, but only one came close to the answer:

Read on for the full explanation. We apologise for any sense of enouement you experience.