A wandering hedonist with an unquenchable thirst for erotic kink. Two sides to one coin, I am both a sensual ruthless Mistress and a eager willing submissive in the same breath.

Hey you, I know why you’re here. You have this insatiable desire for the perverse that just not anyone can satisfy and I’m glad because that has led you to me. A free and open minded woman I bloom when I can fulfil erotic desires that satisfy both yourself and me. I consider myself a comfortable switch, meaning I am both able to be an assertive dominant and an abiding young submissive.

As a Mistress I consider my domination style to be quite sensual and feminine with a pinch of ruthlessness and feistiness. I don’t have to force you to obey me, you already know your place and that is on your knees at my feet worshiping me. I am a strong believer that taking control over someone’s desires should be fun, informed and safe but remember my word is law. I take absolute pride in crafting scenes that can be enjoyed by both of us. How do you want me to use you, make you beg for more?

As a submissive you could say that I am the exact opposite. More than willing to relinquish all control, I find it easy for me to fully give in to my submissive side when I’m confronted with a man that knows exactly what he wants. Knows exactly how to tease me until I am putter in his hands. He’s not pushy but his demeanour is enough to show me that he’s in charge. There is something truly and divinley erotic in giving myself over to be pleasured as someone else pleases.

If you have a taste for this sweet perversion, why not let me fulfil your desires and in turn fulfil mine?