A wandering hedonist with an insatiable thirst for erotic kink. Submissive in nature with an eagerness to be made to obey.

Hello there, I am Eve. A nubile ebony lady with a natural desire for submission. Some may say I come across as innocent but this is a complete juxtaposition to my genuine lust for the perverse.

Ever since I can remember I have craved being a submissive. The idea of relinquishing control and having someone else dictate my sexual pleasure, has always been a turn on for me. There is something truly and divinely erotic in giving myself over to be exploited as someone else pleases. Tie me up and throw away the key. Bend me over your knees and make me yield.

I find it easy to fully give in, to obey, when I am confronted by a man that knows exactly what he wants, especially what he wants to do with and to me. Knows exactly how to tease me and make me yield until I am putter in his hands. He’s not domineering but his demeanour is dominant enough to show me that he’s in charge.

If you have a taste of this sweet perversion, why not let me fulfil your desires and in turn fulfil mine?