Amber is a curvaceous and submissive red-headed courtesan from Scotland. She is the ultimate sensual plaything that you have longed to serve you. Sexy, silly and sassy she will enrapture you with her many delights of body and mind.

Originally from Scotland, curvy redhead Amber has travelled all over the world and as such is an international hedonistic plaything of the best sort. Sexually, she is very submissive and nothing gives her greater pleasure than being under the touch of a Dominant lover. She aims to please and uniqueness and thrill that comes with each new sexual encounter.

Fiery locks of hair frame this prosub’s green/blue eyes that twinkle with desire and her full lips beg to be kissed, bitten and put to good use. With porcelain skin and shapely hourglass figure, it is difficult to resist her spankable derriere and ample décolletage. She has a naughty oral fixation with her pierced tongue and barely existent gag reflex.

Kinky Amber is gifted with being extremely multi-orgasmic. This suits her submissive nature perfectly as she adores to get lost in the throws of passion. Watch as she melts, writhes, moans and twitches in your embrace; all the while soaking and gasping for more.

A bit of a smart cookie, Amber is currently in the midst of her doctoral studies. Being a professional plaything gives a welcome distraction from having her head stuck in the books. Very much a sapiosexual, she enjoys the connection of minds (as much as bodies). She has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys learning throughout all aspects of her life. She is also a consultant in her vanilla life and certainly no pushover as she has led on many strategic projects and is both comfortable and confident as a public speaker of various audiences. A creative soul, she enjoys creating and admiring artwork. Most days are spent with her wolfie, wandering woodlands areas of London.

VenueIncall and outcall
RaceScottish, Caucasian
Body TypeCurvy
FavouritesI adore being sensual and submissive. I do enjoy a little pain mixed with lots of pleasure as I am multi-orgasmic. I enjoy rough play with experienced Dominant partners. I am very skilled with my pierced tongue, and love facefucking. Maybe I’ll wear my hair in pigtails for you - they make excellent handles.
LimitsAnything pee, poop or blood related. Suction cups, needles, spitting. I never switch.