Elegant and dynamic, unconventional and free-spirited, I masterfully fuse together the fiery beauty of my Mediterranean origins with the refined openness of a true cosmopolitan. My secret passion is to navigate my lovers’ libido and bring out their most intimate desires, which happen to be the most arousing too. I love to watch my partners in absolute ecstasy and I know how to bring them there.

My lovers say that I know what they want better than they do. And they are right. My mesmerising eyes, compelling smile and devilish derrière are coupled by a versatile personality and an acute interpersonal intuition that allow me to read your mind and bring out your innermost fantasies. I love nothing more than getting insidiously into your head and discovering your buttons.

Raised next to the Aegean Sea and educated in elite UK universities, I embody passion and intellect in the perfect ratio. Speaker of many languages, PhD educated and cinema connoisseur, I am much more than the stunning girl next door. I consider myself a multi-faceted individual that relishes diversity and sees different forms of interpersonal connection as complimentary aspects of a truly fulfilling life. This is why I treat each encounter as a unique experience. What I do is an expression of who I am; rather than a service, I offer myself – and with that comes an authentic journey of hedonistic exploration.

I am genuinely pansexual and I develop intense sexual chemistry with people of all genders. I am particularly attracted to the female body and I adore exploring all of its erotogenous zones. Sharing this with you is an absolute turn-on for me. Duos, group play, as well as playing with couples are at the top of my favourite sexual activities.

But at the heart of my desires, lies a lasting passion for kink. Behind my fine education and statuesque posture, stands a Greek Goddess with a sadistic streak. My sexuality has been inextricably tied with erotic power play for as long as I can remember. Active member of the kink scene, I have spent a considerable amount of my free time in BDSM workshops, kinky events and fetish markets consistently enriching my skills, equipment and wardrobe out of pure personal interest. My specialty is kinky GFE and sensual domination, but my love for dungeons, implements and role play has led me to become versed in various BDSM practices. As a Mistress, I am imaginative, seductive and thoroughly intoxicating.
Kink is a universe of infinite possibilities. Let’s experience it together…