I am Amelia, a PhD-educated, 5"2 curvy redhead with a penchant for illicit activities and a dashing of razor-sharp wit.

You may call me a modern-day pre-Raphaelite or perhaps, as a lover of mine once described me as, a contemporary classic. What I offer is more than a service; it is an unforgettable encounter.
The stubborn Taurus in me hates orders, but if you ask nicely I’ll purr demands at you all day. I can be your playful switch, with a rump ripe for spanking. I relish in playing the role of submissive with one of my very gorgeous KLE friends. Or let me take the reigns; I love nothing more than the warmth of your breath as you beg for release. If you’re looking for a cold mistress, that’s not me. If what you seek is warm, sensual domination, let me wrap you in enticing abandon, where we forget about the world. Let my feminine body hair, mischievous giggle and curves that undulate across your imagination satiate you.
I can’t wait to meet you.