Hey stranger! I’m Tabitha — or Tabby, or Tabs, if you’d like to be less formal. A bookish young thing with something of a bohemian spirit, I’m endlessly curious about almost everything...and by extension, you. What do you think about when you’re alone? What do you crave? A dreamy blonde with tousled hair and breakneck curves, perpetually lost in her own world? Inside jokes exchanged between kisses? A sweet face belying a corrupt mind? If you didn’t before, I bet you do now.

I’m a curvy creature of contrasts, with sleepy doe eyes, a doll-like mouth, and a soft and lushly curved body sparingly tattooed with black ink. I like to dress in textures that echo my femininity – loose silks, furs, wools, and depending on the season, you can expect me to smell like smoky black tea, herbs and citrus, or sour cherries.

I appreciate the fine and the filthy with equal glee, and relish alternating between roles as the adoring (if slightly spoilt!) girlfriend, and the untamed and hungry provocateur. Luckily, being one of London’s most elite GFE escorts, I have plenty to indulge in. I’m eager to please – whatever that means to you – and I treat my kinks as catalysts for cultivating deeper connections: expressions of the feral animals inside of us that we’d otherwise be ashamed to bare. Maybe you want to take advantage of my good nature and have me play the Stepford wife, or perhaps you think I need a father figure to protect and guide me. You might just want to admire the coral hue of my skin after you’re done punishing me…or it could be you who needs to be taught a lesson. Come and indulge with me.