An addictive Brat with a passion to tease and rebel. Can you tame me?

I am Louisa. I am a petite, curvaceous woman, who feels she was put on this earth to experience the most intense connections of mind, body and soul. My body yearns to be explored and I yearn to explore. I have been blessed with light green eyes, soft skin, a wicked smile, a depraved mind and a tattooed canvas longing to be caressed.

I love erotic BDSM, sensual kink, beautifully intense connections and encounters of the depraved variety. I crave lust, love and the sweet anticipation of the unknown. I love being nibbled, licked and stroked until my inner animal is unleashed.

I’m attracted to men who know what they want, intrigue me mentally and get me moist in the right places hehe. Flirtation, titillation and teasing are a must. Lets touch each other’s minds, ignite our souls and jump into the flames of passion. Grrrrrrrrrrr.