Alissa is the perfect combination of all things kinky. One day, a seductive submissive and the next, a dauntless domme. With this femme fatale, a curiosity-indulged, desire-fulfilled experience of a lifetime awaits you. She’s daring you to open the door.

My name is Alissa.

Sensual. Intelligent. Confident. Intimate. Sophisticated. Those are just a few words that friends and lovers have used to describe me.

My curious nature first got me into the world of kink and debauchery. Never one to say no to anything until I’ve tried it at least once, a few wonderful experiences have had me hooked for life. I’m an adventurer through and through – a true believer in pleasure at all costs. And that is exactly why I am a switch. I embrace my naturally dominating persona with vigour and love the power that comes with control but the release that comes with true, intentional submission is a pleasure like no other.

Let me set the scene. With my winning charm and a warm smile I’ll welcome you in, instantly getting to work at putting you at ease. You will feel like we have known each other forever. We laugh, we chat, and in that comfortable space where strangers begin to bond, our intimacy will begin. I believe in true intimacy, and in the world of kink, even more so. In our most intimate moments and as we really connect, can we unabashedly give into our true desires. I want to explore yours with you, whatever they may be.

Our time together has officially come to an end (for now). You leave me reluctantly, feeling delighted, satisfied and fulfilled, impatiently aching for more.