I’m Jessa. With a quiet confidence at my core, you’ll quickly notice that I have an appreciation of the aesthete, an eye for style which compliments my self assured manner. You’ll notice that I smile – a lot – and that my smile is genuine. It emanates a sense of ease that only a woman who truly knows herself can embody. And just as much as I relish in the traditionalism of dating, I delight in the decadence of the darker corners of our minds. My life experience has been unconventional and as a result, as am I. And seeing as you are here, I have no doubt that you are, too.

My companionship roots are firmly planted in kink and BDSM – the taboo, the unknown and the untamed have always allured me. However, my early experiences of professional kink left me feeling that something was missing. As soon as I discovered the ground-breaking concept of intimate kink, I knew I’d cracked it. Never again would I try to make more clinical, mechanical experiences work for me. Rather, I found that incorporating kink practices along with companionship resulted in far more mind-expanding experiences than I ever could have considered. With communication and trust being both easier and more established under these circumstances, I could truly be myself with potential dates, and as could they with me. It’s not all whips and chains, this stuff. It is incredibly emotional, psychological and cerebral. Within the safety of a true connection between us, we find space to reveal our deepest selves. Here, our encounters may range anywhere from pure fun and silliness, to a raw intensity, arising from our wildest desires.

So, what are you waiting for?