A little about me: I embody the classic English Rose with an alternative twist. I am an adventurer at heart. I am just as at home at the opera as I am travelling remote regions of the world. For someone so young, I am often told that I carry an old head on young shoulders. I don’t drink alcohol, but I live for the thrill of fast cars and motorcycles. My introverted self wants to curl up one-on-one with you and discuss our favourite literature, my extroverted self conversely desiring you to take me out dancing so that we can lock eyes in a loud, crowded room. I consistently have an immaculate manicure, but I love nothing more than getting my hands dirty. Just like you, I am a paradoxical being, with the one consistent thread tying my many contradictions together being the pursuit of pleasure. My life experience has been unconventional and as a result, as am I. Seeing as you are here, I have no doubt that you are, too.

While a petite 5’1 I have curves in all the right places – including an ample bust and a behind that is incongruously peachy for my small-waisted frame. Perhaps the greatest compliment a client has given me is that I could be regarded a modern day Helen of Troy: graceful, beautiful, simultaneously strong and ethereal. My facial features include pillowy lips, high cheekbones and hazel eyes that are most often referred to as smoulderingly feline. I can often be found with my head in a book, in-between lustful day-dreamings, and adore a good political back and forth. Travel, nerd-centric media and decadent food are some of my favourite past times.