An indispensable new tool for sex workers looking to build their online presence, created by KLE member Valerie August


There’s little more daunting than trying to find the the right website professional to work with to build an escort site. The technical jargon and numerous steps in the web development process can be overwhelming enough, not to mention the hesitance many escorts have in approaching a new contractor. Many of us have concerns that the people we contact might not be open minded enough to tackle the project, or perhaps someone has offered to build us a site at low cost but with little proof of portfolio or professionalism.

Believing that escorts deserve better than to be ripped off, ghosted, or treated in a less than professional manner, one of our KLE members Valerie  has compiled this list of developers, designers, copywriters, and SEO professionals that self-identify themselves as adult industry friendly. Some of the people on the list have prior experience of working with sex workers, and some are even sex worker owned/operated businesses. Web developers who’d like to submit their details to this form can use this link, and queries relating to administration of the list can be directed to Valerie herself.

We can’t wait to see all your beautiful new sites!