Fetish Mistress Nina Lazou asks: Do you take pleasure in your Mistress humiliating you? Then this article is for you


As a fetish Mistress, I often incorporate elements of humiliation in my playstyle. Through erotic humiliation play, I have developed some of the most interesting and continuously evolving connections. Humiliation is at the same time an activity many enjoy and one of a highly personal and sensitive nature. What ones finds humiliating, another may find normal or liberating. There is no such thing as an intrinsically humiliating activity. And that’s what makes humiliation so exciting and fun for both of us. There’s so much of the mind to explore and I just love discovering and pressing the right buttons.

What someone finds humiliating, is most often associated with the biggest taboos in their own life. Taboos have a social root, and this is why gender dynamics and bodily functions are common themes in erotic humiliation. You just love it when I treat you like a greedy slut or turn you into a wet mess, don’t you?

However, there are also more niche forms of humiliation, such as small penis humiliation and cuckolding. Certainly not every kind of humiliation is for everyone. Someone may get aroused when called a name but feel less-than when called another. This is why it’s so important to delineate your limits and share your idea of a pleasurably humiliating experience when contacting me for a humiliation session. This will give us more time to play and explore in the desired direction.

Some of you have asked me: Why the hell do I get aroused by being humiliated and demeaned? Is there something wrong with me? Nothing’s wrong with you! It’s just human psychology. We live in a society with (too) many sexual taboos, moral norms and rules. “I must do this”, “this is wrong”, “I need to be in control of the situation”. This is exhausting! Humiliation allows one to confront the fear of being wrong, of acting “improperly”, of having socially unacceptable desires. There is something liberating in being transgressive and vulnerable and subject to petty drives and still leave the room without a tragedy having ensued. At the end of the day, erotic humiliation with a fetish mistress is a playful way to embrace our internal conflicts and accept ourselves as a whole. So relax, take a breath and surrender to the most satisfying and healthy expression of erotic humiliation.

Now that you know what’s in it for you, let me tell you what’s in it for me. As a fetish mistress, I get turned on from all sorts of weird stuff. The psychological aspect is as important for me as it is for you. Playing with your head and seeing you get excited by things you are embarrassed about gives me an incredible sense of power, which, as a femdom escort, I find hugely erotic. When you enter the room, I may force you to take off your clothes, get on all fours and spread your legs open for me. I may just stand and watch you while you are all exposed and vulnerable or I may remind you how unworthy you are to even lick my feet. I will make you confess your dirty thoughts and threaten to expose your disgusting little secrets. Unless… What would you do to avoid that? Fetch my lingerie like a dog? Be used and abused as a fucktoy? Receive a glorious golden shower?

Let the game begin.