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There’s a first time for everything, even for a seasoned professional. Nova Bergman reveals her first time submitting to fellow Kinky London Escort, the divine Scarlett May.   Power is a funny thing, don’t you think? Many of my lovers know that I wasn’t always a switch escort. I used to mainly get my kicks […]
Knowing your kinks is one thing, articulating them, can be something else entirely. Kinky London Escort Cara Lorelei pens down a step-by-step guide on communicating submissive desires when new to the BDSM scene.   So, you’ve done your research and found the perfect kinky escort to fulfil the submissive fantasies you’ve dreamt about for years. […]
The Japanese art of Shibari is now commonplace within the Kink scene- but how did this ancient form of bondage find itself in contemporary BDSM practice? Independent escort Destiny Hatton, unspools this complex history, exploring how Shibari, touch and communication are all tied to one another.   Rough, raw jute rope against bare human skin, […]
Looking for a naughty night out in Soho? Who better than the legendary Estella Bathory to share her pearls of wisdom, as our very own independent escort London Guide. Just don’t blame us if you end up having too much fun. I love a bar crawl around Soho – duck through the seedy sex shops […]
Forget the big fat quiz of the year. As 2023 draws to a close, we have a far superior intellectual challenge, served up by the one and only Claude Love (renowned trivia fiend by day and independent escort by night).   Let me start with a little boast. The ladies of Kinky London Escorts are […]
What do you think of at the mention of the vampire? A preternaturally beautiful creature of the night, beguiling with a magnetic gaze and seducing unrepentantly to feed an insatiable hunger? Sound familiar? We independent escorts have always had something of an affinity with Nosferatu.  So this Halloween, the delectable Elle Voss has prepared something […]
The first time is always special, that’s why we asked our favourite touring trans fetish goddess Adelaide Asterix to write something for those cis men hoping to explore an encounter with a trans escort for the first time. As she explains, sex with a trans woman can be both enriching and liberating, especially so when […]