Luxury BDSM playmate based in London, available Internationally.

My kink is sensual control, and it delights me to find out how you tick, using your desires to bend you to my will. With my flowing blonde hair and my delicate, toned figure, I might look innocent at a casual glance. But, as soon as I speak, and move over your body, you will know that I am your Mistress. 

I have two powerful weapons to captivate you. One is my beauty, which I hone through my love of fashion and fitness.  I have a classic hourglass figure, and I love to adorn it with intensely sexy pin-up and retro fashion, enhancing my sensual curves with feminine clothes that hug my gorgeous body. With my flawless makeup, manicure and pedicure, I will set your pulse racing.  When we are together in private, I am always in complete control, and I delight in wearing skintight latex and PVC that bring my sexual power to the fore.  

The other weapon is my mind.  I am fortunate to have had an exceptional education.  I speak three languages, I’m a trained musician, and I’m passionate about art.