I am Arazatah, Italian amour and sensual domme. I am here for the cuddles and the kink, to explore eroticism and to create moments that go deep, far away from routine. I am fair skin and black lace, red lipstick and intense blue eyes. I am edginess and sensuality, sweetness and domination, all mixed in a boudoir atmosphere.

I’m Arazatah, an Italian independent private companion and sensual dominatrix.

My sexuality has many shades, from the sweetest vanilla and the wildest forms of eroticism, to the complex psychological games of Domination. In me you will find a sweet girlfriend, a strict Mistress, or what I love best, a sensual mix of the two. I discovered the pleasures of living on my own terms first through the polite manners of a neighbour, an older gentleman who loved to buy and sniff my used panties. From there the exploration voyage has started, leading me to deep connections, beautiful memories, decadent experiences.

I crave the intimacy of being connected with another human being, the deep satisfaction of giving and receiving pleasure, the cuddles, the kisses. If you wish to discover my Mistress side you will find a charming seductress, a perverse naturally hairy dominant with an erotic and sweet approach that will tease and provoke you, reading your reactions and taking you by hand to new pleasures. To me, creating a session means creating an “out of time” place for the submissive to let go of everyday life for a while.

My style of domination can be found in the charge between opposite poles, sweetness and domination, held together by a an erotic understanding of life and all the empathy that comes with sweetness.

I grew up in Rome, and I have lived across Europe during my studies. I speak French, Spanish, English, with a sexy accent, I’m told. Being a private companion was first a fantasy with which I played during the last years of university, only to come to realize that this is my passion. Embracing my calling as a sensual creature has been extremely rewarding, I am now living between Milan and London, studying for a second degree, living my best life.

Reading is one of my biggest passions, and I’m the kind of person who never leaves home without a book. Growing up in Rome I have been exposed to beauty from an early age and I’m happily exploring London museums, meeting again old favourites and discovering new ones. I’m also delightfully dipping into London’s broad selection for food.  Would you care to show me your favourite spot?