My name is Carrie Young and I'm very pleased to meet you. I am an independent London escort and submissive, with a penchant for discipline and humiliation with a helping of praise. If you take your kink with a dash of sweetness, I am ready to serve.

Submissiveness has been the cornerstone of my sexuality for as long as I can remember. I crave the thrill of being dominated and the enrichment that Dom/sub dynamics provide me with. I have been exploring kink and fetish for over seven years and have never felt bored, even for a second. Being able to offer my services to new and experienced Dominants is always a true pleasure.

I feel particularly in tune with those who enjoy the subtleties of BDSM – anyone who plays with me will quickly learn that the right word or touch can make my knees weak. I am also a masochist with a special fondness for humiliation, which is where my love of pet play and age play stem from.

I often find that some of the richest experiences are born out of true connection and mutual understanding. This is why I favour longer sessions, as well as opportunities to spend time outside of the bedroom. I am an avid conversationalist with a playful, silly side, that I enjoy being punished for later.

People who meet with me often comment on how easy I am to open up to and I pride myself on being exceptionally non-judgemental. Wherever you are on your kinky journey, I would love to go on it with you.