Eliza’s extraordinary background puts her in a unique position. Having lived a youth on the BDSM scene, she is attuned to the complexities of trust, care and submission paramount to a fulfilling kink experience.

Being a trained dancer means she has a holistic approach to the intersections of sensuality, health, embodiment and self-development. Each individual deserves an experience tailored for their own needs and desires. Whether you are looking to embark on a journey of erotic healing, or explore your fetishes with her expertise in pegging, needle-play and the domination-based girlfriend experience, your experience will be bespoke.

A lifelong pansexual, she enjoys the company of men, women and all beautiful bodies in between.

Her work in various forms of therapy keeps her committed to the caring dimensions of both companionship and domination. She receives clients with all kinds of psychosexual issues by listening, responding to individual need and providing judgement-free intimacy.