I know what I want, and if you're someone who would like to be guided (hand firmly held) towards your desires, I'm more than willing. Call me Eve.

I hold fascination sensing a dynamic between the two (or more) of us unfold, the ebb and flow of passion enveloping every inch of me. Curiosity has by its very nature a playfulfulness, — I revel in watching reactions from a word of mine, to a glance over a drink or touch of the skin. Electric effects.

I’m by nature submissive, although by no means timid. As experience has shown, an intuitive, soft dominance can come to the surface, if wished for.

My forté is instigating tension at a dimly lit bar, to getting lost in a slow rapture, ending with a steamy bath for as long as time permits. When you think of me – think kink blending companionship over an extended time.

I’m interested in hearing certain scenarios (if any) you’d like to unfold before the date, I take a great deal of pleasure in imagining and premeditating a dynamic before we meet.