Often compared to the wildflower, I am a young woman of both pure and deviant spirit, naturally equipped with a certain spark that ignites unadulterated happiness in others.

My glowing fleur de force nature is one to be both seen and felt. As a petite blonde escort, I capture the attention of strangers with my commanding stride; my long, luscious blonde locks bouncing off my shoulders, and my sparkling aquamarine-blue eyes. And lover, I’m looking only at you.

My biggest mantra is that Life is for celebrating. I mark many of life’s moments, from sunlit hikes to moonlit Michelin stars, as being just as significant as the last. Even that first morning coffee (preferably had in bed) when unrushed, can be treated as a gorgeous opportunity to honour the moment… and with a bang I might add; I am a morning person after all. My goal is to create memories with you that will last a lifetime, in and out of the hotel room.

A word of warning: Do not allow my golden girl looks and elegant sensuality to deceive you. I am a maverick, unafraid to explore what the alternative life has to offer. I possess a deep, sexual confidence that is both curious and playful, all wrapped up in slinky lingerie. In the privacy of the bedroom (or other rooms, I’m no conventional type), my sexual desires come out in full force. Think of me as your kinky girlfriend, and my favourite kink is finding out what tickles both of our fancies. Are you a dominant daddy? Allow me to be your naughty submissive. Or perhaps you are looking for the perfect goddess to worship..this being a real favourite dynamic of mine, look no further.

I am far from one track minded when it comes to my sexuality. So, lover, do not be shy when it comes to sharing what you enjoy and what you would like to try. With me, it is a safe and enthralling space to play in. And if you’d like to invite a friend or two of mine, know that I am a proud bisexual, too.

That’s enough of an introduction for now. But do allow yourself to browse my online boudoir and continue to whet your appetite. Keep forming an image of Ms Florence Wilde. An ambitiously smart and sexy woman chasing after the sweetest of thrills. Care to join me?