Here at KLE we’re all about community. We believe that we’re stronger (and safer) when we’re united, and that strong communities need shared resources to make this happen. For that reason, we’ve created a document to support our members and colleagues when navigating one of sex work’s most regular occurrences: the photo shoot.  Sex workers are generally not professional models, and we have a set of specific needs around security, privacy and boundaries before, during and after shooting. This guide outlines this for workers and photographers, so that those needs are understood, and we all have a shared set of expectations about how to feel safe and secure when making amazing imagery.

Some of the leading industry photographers have already pledged their support, and we hope many more will too. It’s our aim that this should then represent a renewed, industry-wide commitment to better working environments and sex worker safety. We also hope that sex workers (especially those just starting out) will find this resource a useful guide to their rights on set. We encourage colleagues to share this document with photographers (especially those new to the industry) before working with them, to initiate conversations about best practice on shoots.

You can read the signed pledge here, and an unsigned version of the pledge is available to download using this link:

Creating Safer Sets – A guide for workers and photographers

Please feel free to share – this is for all of us. If you’re a photographer interested in pledging, you can contact us via