As we discerning kinky independent companions know all too well, finding the perfect person for your escort photography can be a tricky process. It’s one of the reasons we created our Photographer’s Pledge, as a way to encourage photographers to sign up to a code of conduct, making the shoots better for everyone involved.


Today, we’re shining a light on one of the signatories – Lust for Life photography, who is a female London-based photographer and former member of KLE. Below, she elaborates on the process of shooting with her – we hope this might make those who feel anxious about shooting a little more confident about booking a shoot. Although her portfolio speaks for itself, we cannot recommend her enough. Not only is she a dream to work with, she has an incredible eye, and over the past year has created some truly stunning escort photography. Read on to find out more about how she works!


So, you have found your ideal location and booked in a photoshoot with me. How exciting! All you have to do now is follow these steps and you will soon be in possession of a beautiful new photoset.


  1. Pick a theme. Whether it be kink/fetish, 70s vintage, girl next door… the options are endless and I am excited about all of it! Plan your outfits accordingly (ideally matching the location somewhat). You can even bring some props to make things more interesting (e.g. glass dildos, dried flowers, a bottle of champagne, or your favourite book). I have a whole wardrobe full of fun outfits/props and a brain full of fun shoot ideas, so if you’re stuck with any of these, I am oh so very happy to assist!


  1. It’s shoot time! On the day of, some gentle stretching and drinking enough water is advisable. Also, I know that no one wants to be bloated while being photographed, but small snacks are essential to keep your energy up (think bananas, nuts or protein bars)!


  1. I always bring my portable speaker so you can put on a playlist with your favourite tunes. It will help you relax and…


  1. …have fun while posing! This is *super* important. We all work hard and this really shouldn’t feel like work. If you do need a break at any point, please let me know. I will check in with you regularly to make sure you’re feeling okay!


  1. Now we’ve finished shooting, it’s time to relax. Your personalised web gallery with your proofs will be with you soon. Put your feet up, have a bath, perhaps watch your favourite film while munching on some chocolate. You deserve it, well done!


  1. You will be able to pick the finals and any extra edits you might want within 24h of the shoot. Struggling which ones to choose? I would love to offer my professional opinion! The retouched images will arrive in your inbox in less than a fortnight – ready to post straight away and give your socials or website a fresh look.


As if sharing these tips isn’t generous enough, she is also offering all KLE members a 20% discount off their first escort photography shoot with her! In addition, any non-KLE members can get 15% off if they quote BLOG15 when booking.