Next in Harriet’s hot seat is Kio Alixa, a woman drawn to the forbidden and unconventional.

Firstly, how are you? And as it’s the beginning of a New Year, what was one of your sexiest encounters of 2019?

I’m very, very well thank you and have finished the term and so looking forward to some deliciously naughty festive fun! And yes, I love the words delicious and naughty, no matter how ‘carry on’ they sound.

Only one sexy encounter? That is a very hard question to answer so I’d rather say that 2019 was the year of much sexual exploring, I don’t think we should tie ourselves down to a particular ‘style’ of sex. If you don’t experiment then how will you know what you absolutely love or hate?  One that does stand out though, as it was a first, was a role play that saw me catching a hotel employee rifling through my drawers (pun intended) and being suitably punished. Among lots of others!

If you were on a desert island (filled with suitors), what one trusty sex toy/instrument would you want to have with you?

Well with suitors (plural!) would I need a toy?… Though I will say that I have only heard good things about the womaniser which sounds perfect. Soft clitoral stimulation….

I have a womaniser! It’s brilliant and feels very similar to oral. By toy I meant: bondage, blindfolds or any other equipment you may use in a booking?

Oooh lucky you! In that case, handcuffs. Being restrained is a firm favourite of mine, the feelings of helplessness together with pleasure is exquisite.

Kink-wise, is there anything you’re hoping to explore more of in the coming year?

I haven’t had any encounters that involved bondage/restraints in a long while so definitely more submissive bookings with a restraining element. I also adore role-play. I find that stepping into character allows me to fulfil fantasies that I wouldn’t as myself so more please. I have quite a detailed one in mind that involves gentlemen (plural) who vote for the Conservative Party. Obviously I will not be the submissive if that comes to pass.

Well I love this idea already. Would there be any punishment for them by any chance?

Oh of course! It would be a pleasurable punishment!

What are you hoping will be in store for this year in terms of bookings?

For various reasons: overnight, travel, group and duos for sure. I used to limit overnights to clients I had met previously. Recently though, I have met wonderful clients that I’ve clicked with straightaway and had wished the booking was longer!  I see connection as being vital to creating a truly fulfilling time, especially in kink bookings.  To discover each other, discuss desires and outcomes and just to have a pressure free space before the sexual aspect kicks in!  I don’t think short bookings do any justice to the possibilities that can be achieved when two people are aware of and respect each others boundaries and limits. Aftercare is so important, as it isn’t  healthy for me to spend an hour doing every filthy act under the sun and then just parting. Not at all!

This answer is already way too long and I will cover the other parts in a blog on my site. Oh yes, do visit my site! 🙂

What is the best way for a suitor to really woo you?

Common or garden flattery! 😉

Give us more! Any favourite gifts? A favourite food to bring with him?

Perfume as scents evoke a memory and when I use those given as gifts, the person who gave always springs to mind.

In your spare time, what do you do just for yourself? What makes you feel good?

Unwinding in a hot scented bath is my idea of bliss, escaping from reality by reading a good book, walking in London parks, I love Hyde Park, my absolute favourite

Have you got a fantasy that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to enact?

The painting that floats around twitterland (that strange beast) every few months. La Femme Damnée (The Cursed Woman, 1859) That. Although I’ve come close.

Oh gosh, me too. That painting is so very hot. Is it safe to say you enjoy group bookings?

Very much so! There are endless possibilities to play, beautiful bodies to pleasure and explore and the voyeuristic element of consuming the scene and part of the scene is just sublime.

Around London, what are your favourite things to do on a date? Would you describe yourself as an extrovert or an introvert?

Definitely not an introvert at all. I love to laugh, ask questions, flirt and tease. I love shopping for little treats, chocolate goodies especially. Gallery or Museum dates where the aim is to have the filthiest conversation known to man but in code, are cool!   For the rest? It’s to be uncovered!