In addition to having our own podcast, we’re always delighted to be invited onto other people’s, especially when it comes to talking about the Collective itself. Last week, KLE’s own Louisa Knight and Hazel spoke to the brilliant Sienna Hunter, host of The Escort: Deconstructed podcast.

In Sienna’s words, the show seeks to

“deconstructs the label of ‘escort’ in an effort to abolish the stigma against escorts, and sex workers. Escorts reveal how they began working in this industry, working conditions, consequences of their involvement, sexuality, stigma and more. Clients and supportive businesses advocate their involvement in the industry and share their stories.This podcast seeks to liberate those involved in this industry from the restrictive labels assigned by examining the essence of ‘who’ an escort is”

As well as chatting about their own experiences in the industry, Louisa and Hazel discussed what’s it’s like to work collectively and some of the key ideas and principles that inform KLE There’s also a bit of a glimpse behind the scenes, for those that are curious about what we get up to at KLE HQ. And who doesn’t like a peak behind the velvet curtain?