Can you think of a more dreamy duo than Hazel and roleplay escort extraordinaire Scarlett May? Well that makes all of us. The two of them caught up over a cup of tea and a portion of, uh, profiteroles.

How are things going? What sexy encounters pre-lockdown are you planning to relive?

I’m great thank you! Ahh so many! I am also looking forward to a few dungeon dates, I feel like I was really getting into them before lockdown. Oh – and I can *not* forget my first sploshing date, I would love to try that again. I still can’t eat syrup on my pancakes without a cheeky smile.

Sploshing is a dream date of mine! What did you use besides syrup? Were there any moments in particular that you relish?

I think pouring golden syrup down my lover’s socks is up there as a favourite moment, but I will never forget the feeling of sitting my bare bottom on a tower of profiteroles.

The tower of profiteroles sounds like heaven. Let’s talk about sex toys, what are your top three?

I love a Strap on, the way it sits around a bottom is just really sexy to me! You can see mine wrapped around my bottom on my website.

A good wand, anyone that knows me knows I love my Lelo wand! Sensation toys such as a feather, pinwheel and ice. I love a good tease.

Those pictures of you with the strap on are just to die for, a true dream. You advertise as a switch, are there any other elements of kink you are keen to turn your hand to?

As a switch, I feel like I get to have my cake and eat it too. I have been exploring my Dominant side the past few years, and there are still many kinks that I would love to try within a dungeon setting. Particularly medical and consensual non-consent role plays.

Aside from the dungeon and roleplays, what would like to explore a little more of soon?

I would love to meet more couples and, of course, have more duos and group sex encounters.

Do you have any fellow KLE members you love to duo with? For the curious clients out there…

You, obviously.

I’m blushing. You know how much I enjoy our duos. If a suitor really wants to win you over, what should they do?

As a typical laid-back Australian I like to consider myself easy to please. But I do value communication, openness and creativity. Oh and read all the information I send you before our date, I will know if you haven’t 😉

All very achievable ways to win you over. In your spare time, what do you do just for yourself? What makes you feel good?

Oh I can think of one thing I do just for myself, but I don’t think that’s what the question’s getting at!

I love to have a long warm soak in the bath, especially in winter. I also usually always have a creative project on the go for myself, either working with analogue film, resin or clay. I like to keep my hands busy.

Shopping is certainly a prime pastime, but as is masturbation if that is what you were hinting at! Have you got a fantasy that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to enact?

Yes, I would love to enact a kidnapping scenario with another roleplay escort. I think I would enjoy the planning. One of my favourite parts of kink is planning scenes, I love seeing it all come together.

Would you be the kidnapper or the kidnapped? This is something I would love to be in the room for.

I would actually love to try both. Maybe 2021 has this in store for both of us!

Lastly, favourite things to do on a date? Is there anything on your bucket list?

Dinner or a tipple, I am excited to get back into a cocktail bar. I would also love to visit the coast for a long weekend in the summer, go for walks in the fresh air before we get steamy in the bedroom!