KLE’s redhead English rose Celia Cordel tells us about her first forays into the world of kinky companionship

If I’m being honest, and I like to be, I wasn’t in the best of places. Life was dragging on, it had lost its glossy shine and I was trying to figure out what the world was all about. I had my own interests, a nice job, and a rather steamy BDSM relationship, but there was something still missing.

I’d always dreamt of more, never being satisfied with the standard way of life. The BDSM relationship served as the perfect escapism to my general dissatisfaction. I had always sought out ways to explore my sexuality and I’ll be forever grateful this was in me. Little did I know that, within this space, Celia would be born. It came about after realising I was doing everything a companion does apart from the exchange of money. I started brainstorming names. First it was Diane, then Violet, even entertaining Shakespeare’s Ophelia.. though I didn’t fancy tempting her fate. Celia was the one, a grandma’s name I could redefine with a pair of Louboutins and Prada handbag.

I shared the idea of Celia via my closest friends and was met with such enthusiasm I knew it was going to happen. Knowing no one within the industry I set myself homework to watched The Girlfriend Experience. You can imagine my disappointment when none of my clients immediately invited me to live in their penthouse apartment or left me enormous amounts of money in their will.

So, Celia was born. The agency I approached took me under their wing and I didn’t look back. There was advice on my make up, hair, clothes, and then of course the dos and don’ts of this world. I’d say a slight baptism of fire! Then the day came where I had my first client (a man much enamoured of Redheads), as you can imagine no one ever forgets their first booking. An incomparable thrill. It wasn’t long after when my mind started to race about the possibilities of this new and exciting world. I also couldn’t believe how much it suited me. The threesomes in the top hotels of London, always accompanied with pink champagne. A classy affair I revelled in. It was obvious my colleagues did too. I can’t help but giggle to myself sometimes at the memories of the things we’ve seen and done behind closed doors.

I never dreamed that’s dropping into some of London’s finest establishments would be on the cards for me, particularly in this way. I adore it when life surprise you. What fascinates me is that I had no idea this wonderful world existed. The luxury, the fabulous clients, the life lessons, the experiences and of course, the friends I’ve made along the way. I can honestly say that being a companion has brought me such satisfaction.

I revel in the fact that I’m now a fully independent companion, being selective about who I see and arranging things the way I like is just wonderful. And of course being the first point of contact to clients feels far more personable. I’m sure other companions would agree when I say this, but to do this successfully you simply have to do it your way.

I’m still not sure when I’ll hang up my heels, but in the meantime let the whirlwind wind continue…