As we slowly adjust to the new normal, the stunning Elsa Riley looks back and reflects on some of her most memorable experiences from the past few years.


As an independent kinky escort, it’s not surprise to say that I have a wonderful bank of memories. One such experience was going to Killing Kittens, the infamous sex club in London, for the first time. I had been gushing about it to a wonderful regular, and he was hooked on the idea. Said and done, I handled our application and acquired the masks that everyone is required to wear at KK events. Hiding your identity (or at least attempting to do so) is a big thing, because if you happen to bump into a work colleague, then at least you can claim plausible deniability. In fact, I have heard from a credible source that a very famous actor got it on with a girl at one of these events, during which he took off his mask in the middle of the act, to her astonishment (and I assume delight). Now that’s hot.

I would be lying if I said this had been my first experience of exhibitionism and sex clubs: gods, no! I went to my first one at the tender age of 22, although that venue was much more intimate. I had been to similar events in NYC and Paris. However, nothing could have quite prepared me for the experience that is Killing Kittens. First, we went to pre-drinks with a number of other attendees. The atmosphere at the bar was magical: you felt like a school child who was about to do something really naughty, and the adults (the guests and bartenders) were none the wiser.

A few hours later and ever-so slightly inebriated, we walked the short distance to the event. The entrance to the venue had a large red carpet and two imposing-looking doormen in black suits. There was no sign anywhere, only a large iron door which hid red velvet curtains. Once let inside, the process was smooth, and we were gracefully offered a glass of Prosecco. We enjoyed a three-course dinner while watching beautiful performances from world-class burlesque artists and exotic dancers. The final number featured a gorgeous woman dressed as Eve, who danced together with an enormous live snake. I remember squeezing my date’s thigh beneath the table whenever the performers did something exceptionally impressive, our anticipation for later building and building.

During dinner, my date and I had been stealing glances from other attendees across the room and my heart was pounding with the excitement of who we might end up playing with later on. Fantasy merged with desire, and we were both so ready to get going. Group sex is one of those hedonistic fantasies that I had often imagined, but nothing compares to the thrill of the night. The show finished, the bars were starting to get crowded, and we set about exploring. Events like these make me giddy with excitement because it makes you feel like an erotic version of Indiana Jones for a brief moment: “Where is the bar? Oh, that’s a super cute couple. Dang, is that girl getting eaten out by two guys?!” The ambience was nothing short of electric. Whilst waiting for our turn to order at the bar, we ended up talking to a gorgeous couple in their late 20s or early 30s. Funnily enough, the girl turned out to be from the same small town where I had been born. As once-innocent small-town girls who moved to a large city and sought out naughty, hedonistic experiences, we instantly bonded with each other. A few drinks later, it was on. My memory of the four of us is a blur of tongues, hands, kisses, clothes being pulled off, and a sense of reckless abandon and utter bliss.

I will stop there, before this text devolves into a soft-core porno (which I am far too shy to write, and which would probably not be very good anyway). But I hope I have captured why sex clubs and duos make me feel so excited, especially with a client I’ve known for a while. As a kinky high-class escort who adores long-standing relationships with clients, booking a duo (or threesomes, or moresomes!) really puts a spin on things, and allows you to relate to each other in a completely new way.

I can’t say that my first time at a sex club (or my first threesome for that matter) was all smooth sailing. It might be slightly anxiety-inducing at first, but what first experiences aren’t? We only feel safe trying out new things when they don’t truly matter to us. Whatever doubts or negative thoughts you may have about yourself, I can assure you that they are much more common than you think. At some point, every other person in the same situation will have felt the same as you. The only thing you can do in order to overcome these feelings is to ignore them, and do whatever you want, damn your fears! As long as you remain respectful to others, there is everything to be gained from exploring the world, in whatever manner you choose.