Our glamorous and inquisitive gal about town Harriet Harlow returns, with questions for our favourite kinky punk, Barbara.

Firstly, how are you? What have been some of your favourite sexy/kinky moments of 2019?

I’m good, still excited after an awesome booking last night.

My favourite moment of 2019 was a booking with not one, but two wonderful friends, Luna and Angel. We had a derrière fixated booking with a very lucky gent.

What would you say drew you into Domination?

Looking back, I’ve always had a natural sadistic streak. I was never a bully, but if another kid let me I would bite them.

What part of Domination are you particularly drawn to? Do you still bite?

I consider myself to be a thoughtful domme. I enjoy watching my playmate drop in to sub space at my hands, but only after careful negotiation around consent and boundaries beforehand. I do still bite, but not everyone is willing!

Kink-wise, is there anything you’re hoping to explore more of in the coming year?

I love CBT but I haven’t had many requests so far, more of that please.

Explain CBT more for those wondering… and why you would like more?

CBT stands for Cock and Ball Torture. That includes ball busting, squeezing, kicking, punching, scratching, adding weights.. I also like to include sounding in that process. I love pushing the limits of the human body and marvelling at its elasticity.

What are you hoping will be in store for the next year in terms of bookings?

I haven’t had a FMTY booking this year and have never had an overnight, so that would be nice to explore. I’m always up for duos of course!

Where would be your dream FMTY?

I prefer dates around Europe. I would love to return to Paris (a train me to you), Rome or another big city I can explore. Definitely want to see more of Germany too, but really anywhere in Europe I find fascinating.

What wins over your heart and mind?

Good comms, being received with chocolate, exciting proposals.

For those planning to win you over, which chocolate is best? And what would be a perfect gift for you aside from that?

As a vegan, I love Hotel Chocolat’s vegan range and Booja-Booja’s hazelnut truffles. Other gifts I appreciate are Lush bath bombs, cat-friendly flowers or Treatwell gift cards so I can treat myself to a mani-pedi or spa day.

Have you got a fantasy that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to enact?

My biggest fantasies are definitely around playing with my wonderful fellow KLE members. More duos and moresomes please!

What are your favourite things to do around London on a booking?

I am particularly fond of spending an evening with jazz and non-alcoholic cocktails, or at the Opera. Food has always been the way to my heart, so send any vegan friendly restaurant dates my way!