Isn’t the image of gorgeous redhead escort Celia Cordel atop a motorbike titillating? Just like the rest of her Q&A with KLE Resident Interviewer Hazel.

H: Firstly, how are you doing? What are some upcoming plans you’re looking forward to?

C: Hey, I’m feeling great thanks, it must be down to London opening up again! Yes, I have a girls holiday coming up with some wonderful lady friends.

I’m so glad! Where are you off to? And where is on your bucket list for travelling?           

The Cotswolds, I’ve never been so it will be lovely tick it off the list. It’s not tropical but I’d love to explore the coastlines of Scotland and Ireland, from what I’ve seen in pictures the scenery looks stunning.

What – kink-wise – would you love to try out that you haven’t yet had a chance for?

I don’t have enough chances to peg someone, this I would love to do more. I enjoy the role reversal immensely

Ooooh I love pegging! As a fiery redhead escort, are you more domme in kink bookings? Or do you switch?             

I’d say I’m a switch, I enjoy being submissive though I’ve started desiring more dome bookings. Something I’m obviously wanting to explore further.

What types of bookings do you truly enjoy and hope for more of in the future? 

Dinner Dates! It’s perfect to allow for a natural build up of anticipation. And of course being wined and dined is a such a treat. As you can imagine I’ve really missed these type of dates.

Wined and dined is the way to go. What restaurants are your recommendations in London? And do you have anywhere you’ve been desperate to go but haven’t had the chance to?

I’d recommend Chiltern Firehouse, they have an amazing oyster bar! Scotts is completely delicious and The Ivy is also a firm favourite.

I’m always keen for some new toy recommendations, will you list your top three tools and toys?   

My rose gold wand, always and forever. Number 2 would have to be a butt plug, I will never forget the first time I orgasmed with one in. And number 3, my double ended dildo… perfect for duos, there are many precious kinky memories I have from playing with this one.

I’ve lost my train of thought after that last point. A rose gold wand wielded by a redhead escort sounds so incredibly hot. Do you have anyone from KLE you are keen to duo with? And who do you love to be booked with?

I always revel in a booking with Margot Alderton. Every single lady on KLE is gorgeous beyond words, I couldn’t possibly choose!

I know the feeling! I wonder if you could choose what one of your most favourite gifts from a client has been historically and what would be your absolute dream gift to receive?

I’ve been so lucky with gifts, that’s a hard one. I’d have to say shoes, I know… I never thought such a love affair would arise, but it has. Honestly though, even something small is lovely. Gifts are so heart warming!

What shoes scratch the itch for you? Are you a heels kind of girl or do you lean more toward trainers/boots/sandals?  

I am a heels kinda gal, I have a beautiful line up… though I’m currently on the look out for some low sandals, perfect for summer.

I have still not found my perfect summer shoe either. What are some of the hobbies you really enjoy to unwind? What do you do to spoil yourself? 

I really enjoy visiting art galleries and a night at the opera is one of my favourite things. Also as you can imagine I’m an adrenaline seeker, I’m yet to do it but I’m going to learn how to ride a motorbike soon. That will be an adventure for sure!

A motorbike! I wanted to do my motorbike course a few years back but never got round to it. Do you have your eyes on any particular bike? 

We should do it together! 😉 A Harley Davidson would be the dream.